After login via web browser, I can't access anything

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by zzz1545, Jun 21, 2010.

  1. zzz1545

    zzz1545 LI Guru Member

    When I log into my WRTGS54 v4 router running Tomato v1.27 via a web browser, all I get on the screen is a red bar along the top with "Tomato Version 1.27" and the four words "System", "WAN", "LAN", and "Wireless", in a vertical column. I can not access any part of the configuration.

    I have tried emptying the cache on my web browsers as well as used different web browsers.

    The last thing I was doing was modifying the port forwarding options. I don't see how that could have caused my situation but... maybe.

    I can login via telnet and get a # prompt.

    Can anyone tell me what may be going on and/or how to fix this problem without having to reset to factory defaults?

    Assuming that I messed up something in port forwarding, is there a way to login and turn that function off via telnet?

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