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  1. ketron82

    ketron82 Network Guru Member

    Good evening to all...I'am italian and sorry for my bad english. I live in a small country between mountain in central part of the Italy.

    I have one problem from 2 years and I would to resolve :)
    I have a MODEM/ROUTER AG241 (is no far from ADSL2MUE) and it want not to run as a pure modem. My ISP works only with the PPPoA.

    I have setting it as a "RFC 2364 PPPoA" with NAT enabled with no problem.
    But I have saw that AG241 have a small CPU and are not able to support very good many connection like P2P software + skype + 10 pc's.
    So....I would to use AG241 like a simple modem and a WRT54GL with DD-WRT like a router/gateway (216 Mhz Cpu)

    I configure WRT54GL and AG241 in this way:

    [PC's] -- LAN --> [ WRT54GL ] -- WAN port with PPPoE --> [AG241 bridge mode only] ----> ISP (PPPoA)

    I have inserted correctly Vc, user, password in WRT54GL but the AG241 can't connect INTERNET and the Led of the internet STATUS is OFF.
    So I have tested AG241 in bridge mode only by WINDOWS XP PPPoE and AG241 cannot again connect internet.

    Which is my error?? DD-WRT v23 of the WRT54GL have problem??
    I am disperate because I have 2 router AG241 and Netgear and they want not to work as MODEM.

    Have somone had the same problem??
    Have someone solved ?

    Please Help me :) ....Best regard to all!
    Many thanks
    Arce (FR)
  2. HiSpeed

    HiSpeed Network Guru Member


    I suggest you to follow this model here (it works with AM200, WAG, AG241 or other) !

  3. ketron82

    ketron82 Network Guru Member

    Ok....Many thanks for the replay :) ....I have had no more solution from other people and I hope that this way can solve it :)

    Tomorrow I will test your solution but I think that with the DMZ I jump the firewall of the Router (AG241) but it also have to make NAT. In this way I think that its CPU goes again in overflaw and with the some Pc's and one p2p software (limited to Upload= 5Kbyte --- Download= 10 Kbyte and connection= 50)

    I will make test tomorrow.....anyone have other solution to RUN AG241 in BRIDGE MODE ONLY??
    Many thanks
  4. mstombs

    mstombs Network Guru Member

    NB We have the same problem with the ADSL2MUE, the proper solution is for the half bridge PPPOA to be supported by the firmware as it is in some other makes. USRobotics call it IP extension, others dhcp spoof or zipb. I am currently running D-Link DSL320T firmware on my ADSL2MUE in zipb mode - its not perfect, but hopefully someday a version of Linksys firmware will have it as an option, and when it has been done for one - why not all?
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