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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by jozzz, Sep 22, 2008.

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    I´ve been trying to setup Wakeup on WAN (WoL via internet) on my LinkSys router (AG241v2). The webconfig will not allow me to set up a broadcast portforward, however I've seen this been done via telnet (on other routers).
    WoL is working perfectly fine on the LAN but not on WAN, the package never gets there. This is because of the MAC address not being in the ARP table anymore. So I see 2 possible solutions:

    1) Make it so that everything coming in on port 9 UDP is being broadcasted in my homenetwork. (this one I prefer, will make things easily extendible)
    2) Make the leasetime of the static IP longer (like a week or so, the longer the better). So the Server's IP and MAC will remain in the ARP table and protforwarding will work.

    I'm not really good with configuring routers. I managed to telnet to it (not that hard :)) but now I'm stuck already :)

    Is there anybody that can tell me how to set this up? Which commands I'm supposed to be using for this etc.
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