AG241-EUv1 Backup flash using Phoenix

Discussion in 'Phoenix Firmware' started by mstombs, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. mstombs

    mstombs Network Guru Member

    I have a dead AG241-EU v1 that I intend to revive using JTAG.

    First I need a copy of the flash contents from a working router (same model).

    Phoenix enables telnet access so I can use the command line to collect the flash blocks to temporary files, then push them to my PC using tftp.

    The flash partitions are arranged as

    mtd2 0x90000000,0x90020000 - 128k adam2 bootloader (CFE)
    mtd1 0x90020000,0x900e0000 - 768k Linux kernel
    mtd0 0x900e0000,0x903f0000 -3136k Linux file system
    mtd3 0x903f0000,0x90400000 -  64k Ti Bootloader environment plus config (nvram) data
    mtd4 0x90020000,0x903f0000 - 3904k Virtual flash block spanning mtd1 and 0 for single image firmware upgrade
    Making 4096k or 4M total

    Note Bootloader only seems to have tftp enabled, no ping

    Using "TFTPD32 v3.23 Build Jun 2 2007 copyrighted 1998-2007 by Philippe Jounin" tftp server ( on windows XP.

    From Telnet session on router
    ~ # cat /dev/mtdblock/2 >boot.bin
    ~ # tftp -p -l boot.bin
    ~ # rm boot.bin
    ~ # cat /dev/mtdblock/3 >config.bin
    ~ # tftp -p -l config.bin
    ~ # rm config.bin
    ~ # cat /dev/mtdblock/1 >kernel.bin
    ~ # tftp -p -l kernel.bin
    ~ # rm kernel.bin
    ~ # cat /dev/mtdblock/0 >fs.bin
    ~ # tftp -p -l fs.bin
    ~ # rm fs.bin
    ~ # cat /dev/mtdblock/4 >kplusfs.bin
    ~ # tftp -p -l kplusfs.bin
    ~ # rm kplusfs.bin
    So I 'think' I now have a backup of a working flash...

    25/02/2008  21:39           131,072 boot.bin
    25/02/2008  21:40            65,536 config.bin
    25/02/2008  21:42         3,211,264 fs.bin
    25/02/2008  21:42           786,432 kernel.bin
    25/02/2008  21:44         3,997,696 kplusfs.bin
  2. alex.alouit

    alex.alouit Networkin' Nut Member

    Hi mstombs,

    I have two AG241v1 EU, one is bricked (blank bootloader, the red LED remains), and another in functional status.
    Ag241v1 have JTAG? Do you have the pin connectors order?
    Have you ever tried to put OpenWRT on these devices? There are available firmware, but all don't work for me ..

    PS: Where are you from Europe? Are you French?
  3. mstombs

    mstombs Network Guru Member


    I would guess JP1 is the usual 14-pin AR7 JTAG, with pins same as ADSL2MUE:-

    I always intended to try OpenWrt, but don't think ever did, I did get it working on the ADSL2MUE, which is single Ethernet port no ADM6996L switch which I think was a problem, so make sure you have working serial console before you try.

    I'm in UK, have several AG241-V1 at least one of which had a French power connector...
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