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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Tox86, Sep 20, 2006.

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    Hi. I have bought ago a Router AG241 LinkSys A few weeks, to the beginning I was enthusiastic nevertheless after few I have noticed his/her limits or at least apparent limits. In fact I cannot think that an I prepare of this price and of this brand both so we say cheap...
    It for example misses the DHCP reserved, or I don't like the possibility that can be open of the gates from all medium the IGD, even if it is me very comfortable when I have to open me of the gates.
    Is my question what I see they are all the maximum potentialities of this router or am I of of it hidden?
    I have discovered that after having put the ip of the router and being entered in screens her/it principal putting "dhcp_reserved.asp" after him "/ I " enter to a page to allocate the ip to a determined mac. nevertheless to me nn works, it never saves the changes.

    Do you know some Firmwares that allows to exploit to full the potentialities of the router at all?
    or do you know the list of the pages at all "hidden" that they allow me to have greater follow-up on the router?

    Thanks in advance Tox86
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