Aggregating links with RV016 is possible?

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by Gradius, Jul 22, 2008.

  1. Gradius

    Gradius LI Guru Member

    Is it possible to have aggregating Cable/DSL links with RV016?

    I'm planning to have 6 or 7 DSL links, each link is a DSL modem with his own public dynamic IP. For example, if I have 5Mbps [down]/1Mbps [up], doing that with 6 links/WANs will be 30Mbps/6Mbps, is that possible?

    Also, will it works if I use dynamic DNS on all 6 links for the users to check my single Web server as well?

  2. Gradius

    Gradius LI Guru Member

    Hmm, it seems isn't possible after all?

  3. buddel

    buddel LI Guru Member


    yes it is possible to use 2-7 dsl lines and share them to 7x5000 for exapmple. dyn dns will work too. Please send me your questions...
  4. Gradius

    Gradius LI Guru Member

    It will works fine either on download as the upload side ?

    For e.g. 5Mbx7 = 35Mb (download) and 1Mbx7 = 7Mb (upload).

  5. qubo

    qubo Addicted to LI Member

    hi. this means that RV016 can also work as bandwidth aggregator and use the sum of the bandwidth for each diferent ISP ? someone has used the rv016 for this task ? if yes please share the experience. since i am interested in getting one rv016 of course if could do this
  6. mcato

    mcato LI Guru Member

    RV082 dual-wan behavior same as RV016 multi-wan?

    Caveat: I don't have an RV016 to compare to the RV082

    The RV082 in dual-wan mode with load balancing has the unwanted side-effect of preventing users from maintaining their login to secured websites.
    1) user logs in to secured website (bank, government, webmail, work scheduling, etc)
    2) router load-balances to second WAN
    3) website perceives subsequent activity as a spoofing attempt or completely different session (my guess) and user is unable to retrieve secured data

    Of course, the behavior is dependent on which WAN has the most available bandwidth, so the undesired behavior is intermittent.

    Ideally, router would be smart enough to keep a session on the same WAN port for the user.

    I bring this up because the idea of aggregating is compelling, but for my users the resulting behavior was undesireable, resulted in loud name-calling in my direction, and I changed back to "Smart Link Backup" failover mode which restored use of those websites (and stopped the name-calling).

    If users infrequently use websites where a logon session has to be maintained, they likely won't experience the problem described. That happens less and less as more services are pushed to the web.
  7. d__l

    d__l Network Guru Member

    mcato, I have NEVER had a problem accessing secured websites with dual broadband connections (dual DSL). I think most RV082 users have similar problem free connections to secure sites. It is unclear to me why a few users have the problems you report.
  8. mcato

    mcato LI Guru Member

    All users had the problem, again intermittently. Set it back to failover and NO users are having the problem. Of course, then we don't have the advantage of extra bandwidth from the second WAN.

    Additional info: one WAN connection carried the VPN traffic between central and remote offices so we were more likely to "load balance" over to the second WAN.

    And again, this was with RV082 (firmware and I know RV016 has a different rev, plus support for more WANs. I'm not able to tell whether the functionality is identical between the two models, as similar as they may be otherwise.
  9. d__l

    d__l Network Guru Member

    There are lots of RV082 routers in use with dual WAN connections with various firmwares. Yet, there have only been a few reports here of the secure site access problem you describe. If it was a common problem with the RV082, the complaint pages here on this would be endless. Actually I think I've seen this problem cited more for the RV042 than the RV082, but that higher frequency may be due to more RV042s in use than RV082s.

    So I say again, it is unclear to me what special conditions have to be present for users/sites to have this secure site access problem. The others that have reported it often ended up having to bind port 443 to one of their WANs.
  10. mcato

    mcato LI Guru Member

    It is also unclear WHAT caused the issue. The problems were with sites such as ADP for payroll and WhenToWork where a login is required.

    Interesting solution on binding port 443 to one of the WANs. Makes sense.

    We could leave VPN traffic on the faster WAN, and bind ports 80 and 443 to the slower one since browsing speed is not as critical as VPN traffic. I may give that a try.
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