AirPort Express won't connect in client mode to WRV200 when encryption used

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    I'm trying to set up my brand new AirPort Express in client mode to stream music wirelessly to my receiver, which is on another floor of my house. I can't get it to associate with my WRV200 when using any kind of encryption. It works fine with encryption disabled, but I really don't want to leave that kind of security hole in my network.


    AirPort Express - v6.3 firmware (latest version from Apple)
    AirPort Admin - v4.2 (latest version from Apple)
    WRV200 - v1.0.12 firmware (latest official release version)
    Dell desktop with Windows XP SP2 (Running iTunes
    Dell laptop with Linksys WPC54GS card running Windows XP SP2 (connection testing + running AirPort Admin)
    IBM laptop with Intel wireless running Fedora Core 5 (connection testing)


    Various encryption methods were set on the WRV200's primary SSID and matching settings were set on the AirPort Express. All changes to the AirPort Express were done wirelessly with AirPort Admin 4.2 on Windows XP SP2+latest updates. All WEP keys were 128-bit and input in hex format (not using a passphrase). In all test cases, both laptops could connect to the WRV200, even when the AirPort wouldn't. Here are the changes from default that I made on the AirPort:

    AirPort Tab
    -Name and password were changed
    -Wireless mode was set to "Join an existing wireless network (wireless client)"
    -Network name was changed but stayed consistent throughout the tests
    -Security setting was changed for each test

    Internet Tab
    -DHCP or manual IP were specified depending on the test.

    Music Tab
    -"Enable Air Tunes" was checked
    -A name was given to the share


    No Encryption - iTunes sees the AirPort Express immediately and can stream music to it. This works in both DHCP and manual IP mode. Interestingly enough when set to DHCP, it grabs the same address as the manual one I input, which isn't the next one in sequence for the WRV200's DHCP server ( instead of

    128 bit WEP - Flashing orange light on the AirPort, no DHCP lease, no connection. Still doesn't work when a manual IP address is provided.

    WPA2 Personal - Solid green light on the AirPort for 10 seconds, then two amber flashes and back to solid green. I can see association requests on the WRV200 every 10 seconds or so while this is going on (using wallwatcher). The strange light pattern only happens when a manual IP is selected. I still see the association requests when DHCP is selected, but the light on the AirPort just flashes amber all the time.

    I know that the WRV200 is working correctly as my Linux and Windows laptops can DHCP and connect to the Internet with no encryption, WEP or WPA2, but for some reason I can't connect the AirPort Express to the wireless router when I use encryption.

    Does anyone have suggestions on what to try next? The Genius Bar at my local apple store said that this was a reported issue with some Linksys boxes and that a new firmware was specifically coming out from Linksys to address this. Was he just blowing smoke or has anyone here heard of this issue before?
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