Alchemy: how to reboot router remotely and/or automatically?

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by JP, Jul 27, 2005.

  1. JP

    JP Network Guru Member

    Hey folks, I've got a couple of problems to solve:

    1. How can I reboot an Alchemy-based WRT54G remotely, from the network? I have some APs mounted up in the ceiling in my building, so getting to them is a pain.

    2. How can I set up an auto-reboot script for them? After alot of P2P traffic, my Alchemy-based WRT54G at home all but craps out on me. A quick unplug-wait-plug back in brings it right back. So I figured a cron job of some auto-reboot script nightly would keep things running smoothly.

    So, 2 for the experts - thanks in advance,

  2. JP

    JP Network Guru Member

    Bump diggity...

    Anyone? Bueller?
  3. u3gyxap

    u3gyxap Network Guru Member

    1. Enable telnet. Then telnet to the router, and type: "reboot".
    2. Use DD-WRT :)

    Maybe setting up watchdog will help
  4. jagboy

    jagboy Network Guru Member

    dd-wrt has a a option were you can tell the rouer to reboot what. gives you the option to reboot sunday @ 3:00 for example. or a certain amount of seconds for it to reboot.
  5. JP

    JP Network Guru Member

    Thanks Guys...

    Sweet! I had been looking at DD-WRT, but its web interface was completely different (I thought, from the screenshot on, so I put off trying it up until now.

    I'll give it a shot. I also understand that v22 has been updated in the last couple of days, but nobody posted any news about it.

    Thanks again, folks!

  6. malfeasance

    malfeasance Network Guru Member

    Yes, but ...

    You don't have to change firmware to reboot your routers! Rebooting manually is simpler than simple. No telnet needed. Just go to Administration>Diagnostics and enter "reboot" in the command line and push run. This kind of info is available all over this site already!

    A cron reboot is easy, too. I have figured it out and posted on it before. The main thing on this site is that 95% of the questions have already been answered, so all you have to do is just spend a few minutes searching.

    Empower thyself!
  7. JP

    JP Network Guru Member


    Malfeasance - I appreciate your comments, and actually, I DID do a search for "Alchemy auto reboot" and came up with nothing, so perhaps I did the wrong search. I'd love for the more experienced guys in here to put together a "best of" FAQ for each kind of firmware. That will be a long ways off, I guess.

    I did end up switching to DD-WRT and I like it. It has a few more features that Alchemy lacks, and it's free and actively developed. I am not sure when they will be incorporating the latest Linksys code into it, though, so I guess we're always at the mercy of somebody.

    Thanks, guys. Hopefully others in my position will find this easier than I did, now that we've beaten this horse a bit more.

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