Alchemy Installation Error: "Upgrade are failed!"

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by fodbik, Aug 22, 2005.

  1. fodbik

    fodbik Network Guru Member

    When attempting to load the Alchemy v1.0 firmware onto my WRT54G (hw v3.1), I received a big, red "Upgrade are failed!" reminiscent of "All your base".

    The download page says to install Alchemy upon an older, smaller firmware version and to reflash with tftp.

    I can't find an older, smaller firmware on Linksys' site nor on LI. Could somebody point me to an appropriate firmware and explain how reflashing via tftp works?

    I realize that this is second nature to most of you guys, but I can't find any HOWTO docs dealing with this; your help is appreciated.
  2. fodbik

    fodbik Network Guru Member

    Tried the DD-WRT beta firmware instead of the Alchemy v1.0 firmware. DD-WRT installed through the web interface without a hitch.
  3. fodbik

    fodbik Network Guru Member

    Found out that the router crashes under DD-WRT beta 22 when surveying for other networks. However, I have successfully installed Alchemy from DD-WRT, which I could not do from the standard-issue Linksys firmware. Survey functions correctly under Alchemy v1.0.
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