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Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by JohnM, Oct 25, 2004.

  1. JohnM

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    I've read through the FAQ on setting up WDS with 2 linksys WTR54G routers. I'm trying to set things up a little differently though and seem to be running into some problems. I have a /29 subnet and have my first wrt54g set up with nat disabled and the LAN IP of one of my subnet's IPs. My DSL modem has the IP (example IP), and my first WRT54G has the LAN IP of, subnet of and GW of I've disabled NAT and DHCP on my first linksys, and have 3 computers using the ips, 251, and 252.

    The 2nd linksys I want to have the static IP of .253, but have DHCP on and the LAN IP address of with NAT enabled. I'm not too worried about my computers having public IPs but the 2nd linksys will be serving my sisters place & her roomates..and they catch every virus/spyware/malware infection out there, so I'd like to have them behind NAT without public IPs :) That and I don't have enough IPs for their computers to have public ones. Anyway, when I go to status ->wireless on both fo the routers, it shows the WDS Signal there, but I'm unable to ping the first router from a computer hooked up to the 2nd router, and unable to ping the second router from a computer hooked up to the first (I have the firewalls disabled on both and block wan requests disabled also).

    Is what I'm trying to do even possible with WDS? On the 2nd router I'm trying to specify the IP, subnet of & gateway of in the "Internet Setup" section, and using for the LAN IP with DHCP turned on & NAT still turned on. I have WEP enabled on both routers & the same wep key. I have both routers using the same channel (11) and have MAC filtering turned on & all needed MAC addresses added. I do have the correct MAC addresses for the wireless parts of the linksys added to each WDS section, and do not have the "Lazy WDS" enabled, nor do I have the WDS Subnet enabled.

    Anyone have any ideas what I'm doing wrong, or how I should set this up? I hope I explained what I'm trying to do well, if not please let me know what other information you need. Thanks for your time!

  2. u3gyxap

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    I beleive your problem is that when you do the Internet Setup on the second WRT54G you set up the WAN interface, and the router is trying to use ut as a source for your internet connection, and does not use the WDS. That is also the reason for the problem you are experiencing wuth the ping. It tries to do it, but the other router is listening on the wrong interface. Try to put different LAN IPs for the two routers - you can't have em both on Make the second one And you will get the ping between them working on the LAN side trough the wireless.
    If you do it trough WDS, then your sister & co should be served still by the first router. Just enable NAT and see what happens. Disable DHCP on the second WRT54G though.

    The only thing I did not get is if your sister & co are connected to the second WRT54G wirelessly.

    If they are NOT, then setup the second WRT54G in AP-Client mode. Then you will be able to use the Wireless interface on the router as a WAN port (I mean you can route the wireless traffic with NAT and serve it to the LAN ports), and you can assign IP, subnet of & gateway of in the "Internet Setup".
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