Alchemy v1.0 Final (3.41 MB)

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by mrsharique, Sep 30, 2006.

  1. mrsharique

    mrsharique LI Guru Member

    hi mates a new member on the forum

    i would like to know that does Alchemy v1.0 Final (3.41 MB) firmware for WRT54G support wireless repeater mode(without wire) with WAP54G??
    does it expand the coverage area of WRT54G like Talisman Basic Firmware(increases 900% coverage of WRT54G)
    lastly, can i downgrade to original firmware of LInksys if i upgrade it with Alchemy v1.0 Final (3.41 MB)???


  2. sonarman

    sonarman Network Guru Member

    Suggest you look at dd-wrt for that type of functionality. As far as 900%, Not likely, While many thirdparty firmwards can extend your coverage, the limitation is the antenna, eviromnemt, and the receiver/transmitter on the other end. While uping the xmit power may help, it also ups the noise floor

    Yes, you can downgrade as I have done it.
  3. mrsharique

    mrsharique LI Guru Member

    thanks...tell me is there any risk involved upgrading linksys using aftermarket firmware regardless of manufactureres....
    i mean corruption of linksys flash memory...etc....


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