All 3-4 days the WRT54GL makes problems

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Larix, May 13, 2007.

  1. Larix

    Larix LI Guru Member

    All 3-4 days my father must do a complete reboot from the router before the computers can go in the internet. They use the WRT54GL 1.1 with Tomato 1.06.

    I have read in the bug thread there is a person which has the same failure. Is there a workaround to fix that bug?

    Larix :)
  2. roadkill

    roadkill Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    I got 4 WRT54GL 1.1 with tomato 1.06 and I have no problems...
    do you have any special rules/qos/L7 Filters/etc?
    have you tried NVram clear yet?
  3. Larix

    Larix LI Guru Member

    Yes I have cleared them after flashing.
    I have no qos, L7 Filters etc.
    Today I visit my parents and I want check if there was a new problem.

  4. affer

    affer LI Guru Member

    You didn't provide a link to the bug thread, so I dunno if it relates to your situation or not. And you're kinda sparse with the details, which makes troubleshooting hard. The most famous bug is with the stock firmware tracking connections for 5 days & locking up if people run p2p stuff through the router. The default tomato settings though are about 4 hours & shouldn't be a problem. The other thing that comes to mind is that later versions were clocked at 216Mhz instead of 200Mhz to add stability. But I don't think that you can overclock the v1.1 router. Make sure that it has adequate cooling. Check that the connlimits are still set at 2048? Is there anything remarkable in the logs? Can't offer much more without more details about your situation.
  5. Larix

    Larix LI Guru Member

    If the router is resetet there is no log file anymore. - one Notebook(wlan) and one workstation(with ethernet cabel) are used by my parents.

    My Parents didn't make P2P. They play with the javaclient and visit websites/send emails, but I can't think that's the matter. Because as I live by my parents we used my WRT54G 2.2 and I have no problems with Tomato. :| I live not anymore by my parents, so I can't look on it when the problem appears.
    connlimites is still set at 2048 and there are in the moment 4 Connections only.

    I have set Local Access to the router to https. Telnet off and SSH on.

    Which information do you need?

  6. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    Well i see an immediate fix, take your router to your parents swap it with theirs and bring theirs home with you. You can then play with it and mess with it all you want. They will stop bothering you about it and you can figure out what is going on with it at your leisure. I only live about 15 minutes from my parents but my click happy father was always breaking something so i had to get a vpn router and create a tunnel from here to there so i could fix whatever he broke remotely.
  7. affer

    affer LI Guru Member

    Thanks for the additional info & link to the post you were referring to. Unfortunately, the other poster didn't provide any details so that was a dead end, unless you can google some more details about other people having similar problems.

    We are looking for clues because there is a wide variety of things that could cause the router to lock-up. Overheating, memory overflow, flakey ethernet drivers, ad nauseum. They don't use p2p & your connection limit is fine, no qos or L7, so that does (tenatively) rule out a lot of common issues. It would be interesting if you were able to exchange routers temporarily with them to try & discern if the problem is specific to their router or the external situation. It would also be really nice to glean more information from the logs. I understand that the default log is lost when you power cycle to recover the router. However, you could send the logs to another computer or even (short term, not long term!), write the logs to NVRAM, so that they survive the reboot. If you do that though, remember to change it back to RAM or disable entirely after troubleshooting or you will eventually wear out the NVRAM.

    If it were me, I'd temporarily disable the SSH login, that's an open port & there's a small chance that someone is attacking that. I'd especially try putting a fan so that it blows directly on the router, just until we can rule out overheating as a problem. Try to save the logs to look for clues. I wouldn't have problem with writing them to NVRAM instead of RAM, just for a few days. I'd also reflash the router & do a thorough NVRAM reset, so that you have a known good baseline. Skip any firmware customizations that aren't immediately essential. The fewer variables there are, the quicker you will solve this. For my money, I'd also update their ethernet drivers

    A quick & dirty fix might be to simply configure the router to auto-reboot daily, in the middle of the night. That really doesn't address the problem directly.. but if it is something cummulative, it might make the problem go away in your parent's eyes by avoiding the lock ups.

  8. Larix

    Larix LI Guru Member

    Why updating ethernet drivers? With the WRT54G and Tomato that problem doesn't appeared. Today I was there and the router has an uptime of 2 days.
    I can look in some days to change the logfile stored into the nvram.
    The SSH is only available from the internal network. Overheating? The router must be warm at the top, or? I can't feal more hotness as my router has.
    I have forgotten that I have set an access restriction. The rule is now deleted.

  9. affer

    affer LI Guru Member

    I don't know if their network card drivers are causing problems or if the router might be overheating. Those are just possible causes worth looking into. One of your routers is a G model and the other a GL, so the problem may affect one & not the other. Or it may not. We don't have enough information yet to know one way or the other. Your routers sole job is to pass & police traffic back & forth with your network card & modem. So flakey drivers can have a big impact on the router if malformed /corrupt packets interact in novel ways with the firmware & the RAM or error logs overflow or something else bad happens. GIGO. You can certainly check other things first, but if you don't find the problem elsewhere, then you should try updating the drivers.

    The essence of troubleshooting is to be logical & methodical as you try to find out what the problem is. To that effect you search for clues first, then continue gathering information as you look into the most likely (or easiest to check) suspects. Never dismiss a possible cause out of hand just because it seems unlikely to you. That quickly comes around to waste your time & bite you when you are troubleshooting. Instead put it on the bottom of your to do list & come back to it if you don't resolve the problem elsewhere.
  10. Larix

    Larix LI Guru Member

    My father must be unplugged the router for some seconds. I don't think that the router overheating. When the router is overheating it shouldn't help to unplugged it, or not?
  11. Larix

    Larix LI Guru Member

    Ok, some news. My father hasn't reported any problem with the router after I deleted the access restriction.
    I have made an access restriction to deny P2P. At the beginning of the problems I have deleted it.

    Larix :confused:
  12. Devotedfollower

    Devotedfollower LI Guru Member

    es sieht so aus als ob dein Vater viele Porns ueber p2p herunterladet ;)
  13. affer

    affer LI Guru Member

    Perhaps he did.

    Glad to hear that it now working for him. Probably the problem (as seen by the end user) was that he could not run a specific application that was being blocked by the restriction. Then kept rebooting the modem, trying to get the app working. And that somehow gets described inaccurately as a larger connectivity problem. I had a houseguest that did the same thing. Described a variety of problems, that were not reproducible. But in the end the only problem that I could find is that limewire/edonkey/BT, etc were heavily throttled on my network (by design). Oddly, they didn't mention any p2p problems at all, when that was their core issue.
  14. Larix

    Larix LI Guru Member

    He didn't do P2P. And the router has gone yesterday again...
    Today I have flashed it with 1.07.
    Where can I set that the log should save to nvram?

  15. Larix

    Larix LI Guru Member

    New Problem: The router rebootet alone. Oo The uptime was yesterday at 5h pm, 3 hours after I was gone to work. My father hasn't rebooted the router.

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