All VPN Routers Are Not Equals (Imagine That...)

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by DocLarge, Apr 18, 2006.

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    Just before going to bed, I thought I'd take my smcbr18vpn off line and put my netgear dg834g vpn router on line and test something. As always, my linksy rt31p2 hangs off the gateway router so I can use my voip, so there was not much of a change there (I keep this one daisychained off of whatever router I'm using for my internet connection).

    After putting the newest firmware on it (3.01.25), I configured two of the tunnels to connect to the distant end vpn routers (1 wrv54g and 1 wag54g). The tunnels came up and have been running fine for the moment. What I was after was seeing if I could connect with quickvpn to a third site that has a wrv54g. As some of you have seen me post in the past, if you are running vpn tunnels from your site to another site, quickvpn will not connect to a "separate" site because of a vpn connection being active on the router, regardless of "where" that connection is going. I've notice this with my wag54g, wrv54g, smcbr18vpn and my wrt54gc. But get this...

    Even with my vpn tunnels running to my other sites, the netgear "still" connected with quickvpn to third site, something that "never" happens with the other routers.

    Of course, this requires some looking into...

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