Alternate firmware for WAG54G V1?>

Discussion in 'Linksys Official Firmware' started by audioslim, Jun 20, 2005.

  1. audioslim

    audioslim Network Guru Member

    Hi All,

    Just wondering if there is or not. God help me I need something that makes this thing work correctly :)


  2. immo_msk

    immo_msk Guest

    I also would like to know, currently i have version 1.03 beta 4 installed but also failed te operate properly
    maybe is because my usb adapter?
  3. rembert

    rembert Guest

    Also running 1.03.0_beta4

    Unfortunately, I have troubles with (inbound) portforwarding. Last week I configured the linksys to forward ports 22 (ssh) and 80 (http) to a freebsd box on my network as I had to work from a remote location. The ssh forward worked well, the http forward wasn't stable, most of the time it didn't work. So, today I changed the setup: removed the single port forwarding for port 80 and moved it to port range forwarding: it forwards ports 80 & 81 now. Back to that remote location: the http forward did work, but now the ssh port forward died. Just terrible.
    I'm back home now, rechecked my settings (everything seems to be configured ok) and started digging again for new firmware. Sigh.
    Yes, the ftp upload problems still exist, and I still cannot disable the timeout function for connections - but I found a way to live with it: just a basic shell script which prints a dot every 5 seconds. Whenever I move away from a ssh screen, I just enter and voila... That connection won't die anymore.
    Still, I'm very unhappy with this Linksys router and I'm waiting eagerly for a proper firmware release. With cars, they would have had several general recalls.
  4. paulbrown79

    paulbrown79 Guest


    I have had a wag54g under my desk for a year and a bit and it is running on v1.01.6 firmware. Where can I get newer firmware? Linksys site just seems to have no page associated to the 'Firmware' link when I select the wag54g v1 as my product.

    Does wag54g v2 firmware work with the v1 models?


  5. vieuxtemps

    vieuxtemps Network Guru Member

    Alternate WAG54G v1 firmware for WDS?

    I got the same question. I have also a WAG54G running v1.01.6 firmware, and I wonder if there is any (un)official firmware that support WDS?
    Actually I am thinking of using the Airport Express to extend my wireless coverage. Will it work with the WAG54G?

  6. fighne

    fighne Network Guru Member

    upgrades to WAG54G firmware

    Hi currently I'm using the beta software but I can recommend upgrading to the 2.07. But you must follow the upgrade path don't go straight for the latest I know it's a pain to install a couple of firmware upgrades one after the other but it does make for a happy WAG54G
  7. marcooo

    marcooo Network Guru Member

    Hello I have exactely the same request!
    but how do you upgrade and where do you find the upgrade?
  8. st0kes

    st0kes LI Guru Member

    Re: upgrades to WAG54G firmware

    Hi fighne, please can you tell us what firmwares we have to install to follow this upgrade path, and where to download them??

    ATM I think I own the most unreliable router in the world.
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