Am I asking too much of a BEFSR11?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by finaltable, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. finaltable

    finaltable Network Guru Member

    I have a circa 2001 BEFSR11 I hooked up at the high school at which my wife teaches when they installed cable modem. It isn't a very big high school (8 teachers & 53 students.) Sometimes when the computer class is in session and about 18 people are in the lab the router will crap out and stop responding on the LAN side (I am not sure about the WAN side.) Power cycling the router fixes the problem. The cable provider has monitored our line at our request and confirms that they have seen no outages to the modem.

    To my mind, one of two things is happening:

    1. This model of router just isn't up to this task.
    2. This particular unit is old/bad and just needs to be replaced with a new one.

    This school will be adding 38 students next year and hopes to grow to a maximum of 160 students with about 20 faculty and staff in within 2-3 years. Should one of the LinkSys broadband routers be sufficient to handle this volume and if so, which one?
  2. finaltable

    finaltable Network Guru Member

    Does anybody know anything?

    Can someone at least post some anecdotal evidence. e.g. I am running a BEFSR11 in an office with 30 people or 20 or 15 or anything. Even a small scale real world successful installation would be helpful.
  3. scriptpile

    scriptpile Guest

    I don't have personal experience with the befsr11 in a business setting, but this may help anyway. I am the network administrator for a summer camp. Durring the summer we have approx. 45 computers on our network(computer lab and office). When we were first able to upgrade our internet connection from a dual ISDN line to a cable connection, we used a low end linksys wireless router, model WKPC54G I think. This worked O.K. for just the office computers, ~15 clients, however once the campers arrived and the lab was in use, the router had the same problems you are describing. Once we traced the problem back to the router, we upgraded to the Linksys RV042 and have not had a problem since.
  4. fordem

    fordem Guest

    I have a BEFSR11 of about the same vintage as yours - it's used on a home/office network with half-a-dozen users - I've seen it lock up in a similar fashion to what you describe, randomly, and on occasion I have been able to provoke a lock up by sending emails with large attachments.
  5. northwoods2

    northwoods2 Guest

    18 sounds like a lot for this type of home router. I do not believe home routers are designed to handle that many clients. I would think you would need a router designed for bussiness connections.
  6. elnino

    elnino Network Guru Member

    Sorry to bring up an old topic, but I've got a similar issue. I'm using it in a small business setting with about 14 computers or so and DHCP seems to stop working every few weeks or so. Sometimes the whole router freezes too. They don't seem to use the internet a ton so I'm not sure why it's freezing. Is it just the ammount of computers?
  7. w3wjr

    w3wjr LI Guru Member

    I have a V4 that I have been running on a cable connection for maybe 3 years. It used to lock up about once per week, reboot it and it would be fine. About a year ago I moved it to behind a netgear firewall and it has not locked up since. Could the cause of the lockup be coming from the WAN side? Just a thought.
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