AM200 Invalid static IP

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by erman, Mar 20, 2009.

  1. erman

    erman LI Guru Member

    AM200 Invalid static IP warning

    Hello everybody.
    I think there could be an issue in the AM200 1.19.02 firmware.
    Trying to configure RFC1483 Routed with static IP settings:

    if the first octet of the ip address is less or equal then 120 (e.g.: and subnet is, I get always the message "IP Address is not a valid address" and can't configure such my modem.

    Does someone know some workaround, please?
  2. erman

    erman LI Guru Member

    Same is for AM300 Annex A.

    Is perhaps any way to access and set up the device other than web browser?
    Please someone help me!
  3. erman

    erman LI Guru Member

    Hello Wlkn, thanks for your reply.
    Unfortunately the cgi 'setup.cgi' seems not to be found in the am200 1.19.02 firmware, when I try to acces this page I get the 404 not found error :(
  4. erman

    erman LI Guru Member

    Hello, Wlkn, perfect, it works!
    Now I knwow also why your prev link didn't work: the cgis are under the cgi-bin subfolder, as usual...
    Thanks very much, I think you help will be appreciated also by many other users.
  5. biose

    biose Network Guru Member

    Hello, I need to access telnet into AM200, can you repost firmware "AM200v1-EU-AnnexA-v1.19.02-code_dirtyfixed.rar"

    Thank you very much
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