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    (Starting a new thread because the old one was getting more and more messy. Note the new automatic install script!)

    Running Jungle Disk Server Edition on the NAS200
    (Note, I have no relationship to Jungle Disk except that I'm a happy customer)

    As you may know by now, the NAS200 is nothing more or less than a headless 486 PC running Linux. This makes it possible to run many useful applications that were originally compiled for i386 Linux, including closed-source apps such as Jungle Disk Server Edition.

    Jungle Disk Server Edition is a headless version of Jungle Disk, intended for making automatic backups of server machines. The fact that the program is headless (meaning it doesn't require a user interface on the system where it runs) makes it perfect for the NAS200. The program lets you use the Amazon S3 or Rackspace online storage to make backups of your files.

    Jungle Disk Server Edition is a paid service (they have a free trial). Click on the link for pricing information. You will have to create an account at the JungleDisk website to get started. (UPDATE) Jungledisk can either bill you directly or they can use Amazon's billing system.

    You will need to install my firmware on the NAS200 before you can run Jungle Disk Server Edition. Other firmwares may also work but have not been tested. The stock firmware will not work because you need command line access. Some Linux knowledge is required to follow the steps below.

    Getting started

    After you set up an account on the Jungle Disk website, you will get a license key which you can find on your Subscriptions Page under My Account. You can only use a Jungle Disk Server Edition license, license keys for other products will not work.

    To download and install the program on the hard disk of your NAS200, enter the following commands in an SSH session while you're logged in as root:

    # Go to an existing directory on your hard disk
    # Pretty much any directory on the hard disk will do. 
    # The example is for Separate Disks mode; if you run in RAID mode, change
    # volume_1 to volume_3.
    $ cd /harddisk/volume_1/data
    # If you don't have a directory for startup scripts yet, create it now. The 
    # install script will use /etc/scriptdirs.txt to place the automatic startup
    # script, but only if it can find a directory in that list that actually
    # exists.
    $ mkdir -p /harddisk/volume_1/data/rc.d
    # Download the helper files from my website:
    $ wget http://www.nas200.net/jac4/nas200_junglediskserver308.tar.gz
    # This may take a few seconds.
    # Now unpack the tarball. If you used an earlier version of the program,
    # you can erase the ./jungledisk directory first, but you shouldn't have to.
    $ tar xvzf nas200_junglediskserver308.tar.gz
    # Run the install script:
    $ ./junglediskserver/lib/INSTALL_NAS200.sh
    # The install script first asks if you understand that I will not be 
    # responsible if something happens to your data, hardware, your
    # family, your cats etc. due to you using my software.
    # Then it asks you to paste the license key.
    # When it's done, you can start the application as follows:
    # (alternatively, you should also be able to reboot your NAS200
    # by typing /etc/rc.d/rc.reboot which will start Jungle Disk Server
    # Edition automatically if all went well).
    $ junglediskserver/lib/rc.junglediskserver
    You can now download and run the Jungle Disk Server Edition Manager on another computer, to configure the server, create backup jobs, schedule them to run automatically, restore files from backups, etc. Refer to the instructions on the Jungle Disk website on how to set up a backup. Note, the Manager and the NAS don't have to be on the same network, as long as they are both on the Internet. You can even run both the NAS and the Manager behind a restrictive firewall, as long as that firewall allows access to HTTPS web pages.

    Mind the chicken-and-egg problem! Make sure you keep a copy of the tarball handy so that you will be able to reinstall the program and restore your data. Obviously you won't be able to restore the tarball from the Cloud until you have the tarball and I may not be around forever either.

    You can re-run the install script INSTALL_NAS200.sh at any time later on to change your license key (e.g. in case you reset and reassign your license key). If a newer version of Jungle Disk Server Edition becomes available, you can edit the install script to change the version number and download and install it automatically; this should be fairly easy unless the developers at JungleDisk make significant changes to their distribution tarball, which they haven't done so far.

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    Updated to Jungle Disk Server Edition 3.06.
  3. jac_goudsmit

    jac_goudsmit Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Updated to Jungle Disk Server Edition 3.08
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