Another Initial Setup Problem w/Sprint DSL

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by daveb83, Dec 4, 2005.

  1. daveb83

    daveb83 Guest

    I am attempting to setup a Linksys WRT54GS with Sprint DSL in North Carolina off a ZyXEL 645M-A1 modem.

    My Linksys hardware worked fine with Comcast cablemodem and the same PC running Windows XP when we lived in Maryland 6 months ago.

    Without the router, the direct connection to Sprint's DSL modem works fine here in NC.

    When I go through the Linksys setup step by step, I get as far as Step 7 and get the error "WRT54GS Setup Wizard: The Router is not able to connect to the Internet. Try turning the cable/DSL Modem OFF and back ON again. Do you want to try again?" Repeated attempts do not yield any connection.

    I've tried to fix this with the following actions, without success:

    - Upgraded Linksys firmware to 4.70.6
    - Sprint DSL's Setup/Troubleshooting religiously done step by step
    - Swapped out cable between router and PC
    - Set modem to PPPoE and set Linksys Setup to PPPoE with my Sprint full username and password. The modem did not connect in the PPPoE mode and only began working again when I returned to the "ENET ENCAP/LLC" setting.
    - Checked every help forum I could find for solutions.

    Any ideas?
  2. gaster

    gaster Network Guru Member

    I think most of us here didn't even think about using the Linksys setup CD and don't know a think about it.
    You don't need it either so uninstall the software it put on there and start over.

    First of all DSL does need PPPoE.
    What device is/should handle PPPoE is your problem. When you have the DSL modem connected direct to the computer obviously the DSL modem is doing it. If you tell the router to do it was well that is wrong and will give you problems. Only one can be set up for it.
    Either change the router setting to DHCP or take PPPoE responsibility away from the DSL modem and then let the router do it.

    The way most people do this is to have the router handle it. There are advantages to this way.

    First connect direct to the DSL modem. turn over the modem and look for instructions on how to access the DSL modem, or maybe you know how already. I have SBC with a Speedstream 5100b modem. I type into a browser window. Then to make changes I need a modem code, but it's printed on the bottom of the modem. Yours might be different.
    Mine has a menu option about where to have PPP: 1. on the modem, 2. on the computer or router, 3. no PPP
    2 is the right one to pick since you want to put PPP on the router (this is the same as PPPoE)

    Next, hook up the modem to the router, and the router to the computer. type into your browser. This gets you into the router administration.
    username is "admin" and password is "admin"
    the basic settings page has the area for entering the PPPoE info.
    see the user manual for the WRT router for more info on what else to change.
    you will probably want to change the wireless chanel, SSID, encryption, router password, etc.
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