Another issue with WRT54GS & Random Internet Disconnects

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by mwa, Nov 11, 2004.


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  1. mwa

    mwa Network Guru Member

    I recently bought one of these Speedbooster routers, which has been giving me internet disconnection problems. I don't get disconnected from the router itself, but it seems that the router is dropping the internet connection.
    I then upgraded to the latest firmware from the linksys site (3.37.2 i think) and still got these problems. Then i decided to give Satori v4.0 firmware a try, and these problems still occur. I've always reset my modem and router after each firmware upgrade.

    I've tried plugging my modem directly to my computer again for a few hours, and i dont get any problems at all, so i'm sure it's the router. I've tried both wireless (with Speedbooster G card) and with ethernet cables, and these still happen.

    I've read many topics with similar problems, but they never get resolved... is the WRT54GS a "garbage" router? If so, i'd like to get my $106 +tax CAD back, and invest in some "working" hardware.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. mwa

    mwa Network Guru Member

    and by the way, my hardware version is 2.0
  3. BlueTub

    BlueTub Network Guru Member

    Hi mwa

    I also had this problem when I first set up my wrt but it was the modem that was causing the problem. When I plugged the modem into the computer directly it worked fine. But after replacing the modem it all worked great.

    What modem are you using to connect to the internet>
  4. mwa

    mwa Network Guru Member

    Thanks for the reply Bluetub,

    It's a terayon (TJ 615)...
    I have Rogers cable internet.
    Any suggestions?
  5. Lazybones

    Lazybones Network Guru Member

    I returned 2 WRT54G units because they would hang when booting with my DOCSIS Cable modem attached. I picked up a WRT54GS and it worked great. As BlueTub noted it could be a modem compatibility issue.

    What kind of traffic are you running on your network? Even with a WRT54GS I have been able to swamp it with too many connections which cause it to become unresponsive, I resolved the issue by tweaking some settings on both the router for QOS and on my P2P software so it doesn't request huge numbers of connections.
  6. ChurchEAC

    ChurchEAC Network Guru Member

    Re: Another issue with WRT54GS & Random Internet Disconn

    I think theres is a bug in the V3 Linksys Firmware having to do with the Client Lease time. The default value for this (on the Setup - Basic Setup Page) is 0 which means one day. It seems this is being passed correctly to the DHCP Clients (check Status of the Network Connection) but is recorded incorrectly on the router itself (check status on the Status - Local Network - DHCP Clients Table Page) resulting in the router dropping the connection after about 1.5 hours.

    Setting the Client Lease Time to 1440 (in Minutes =1 day) didn't help, but changing it to 2880 (in Minutes = 2 days) helped me - no more disconnects after ~1.5 hours.
  7. jeffe_c

    jeffe_c Network Guru Member

    Just bought my wrt54gs and a matching pci nic. Disconnecting.. constantly... And from what I see from browsing the web a little, it's not an uncommon problem.
    Now im considering applying a hammer to this useless p.o.c. :p
  8. namie

    namie Network Guru Member

    I aslo have WRT54G ver.2, newest firmware. It hang everyday. Need power off and on then it's ok. Also using terayon cable modem. Try many firmware still not work. GARBAGE. give me back money.
  9. jeffe_c

    jeffe_c Network Guru Member

    I tried changing settings as suggested by people here and it seemed to work for a bit, but now it's disconnecting again (weird). The router and computer are only like ~8 meters apart with with no walls between them!! And the signal strength is at 4-5 "bars" (very good-excellent) constantly, but still it disconnects and then reconnects again in a couple sec every 5-15 mins. Upgraded to newest firmware and NIC drivers.

    Any suggestions?
    Should I return it (router or NIC) and try a new one or is there a good way to test where the problem is?
  10. skyeternity

    skyeternity Network Guru Member

    hey i have the very same problem w/ the WRT54G aht i bought a week ago...

    i ALSO happen to have a terayon router for rogers cable n' i experience the same disconnect once in a while.. (not as often as every 15mins but every hour or so) but the problem is exactly the same! should i return it?
  11. mwa

    mwa Network Guru Member


    I had this thing working for over a month after messing around with the fragmentation / RTS thresholds, but now it's broken again....
    power outage, had to reset my modem.


    any suggestions?
  12. jcuccia

    jcuccia Network Guru Member

    I am having similar problems, and it seems to be related to the DHCP server in my WRT54GS.

    My router never loses it's internet connection, and wired PCs don't have any problems, but my wireless (Intel Pro2200BG in a Thinkpad T42) laptop periodically fails to renew its IP address. I've done packet traces (using Sygate Personal Firewall Pro) from the laptop and see it sending DHCP Discover packets, but never see a DHCP Offer coming back. I'm not sure at this point if it is the router or the laptop.

    Is there any way to run a packet trace on the router itself?
  13. Maxx

    Maxx Network Guru Member

    Same here everyone - if you don't mind please give my thread a read - you might see something that sounds very similar to your problems or possibly could offer me some tips as to how I should fix it. Disconnects galore. In my case they occur between the wireless NICs and the Router (which keeps its internet connection). I disabled DHCP - no difference. Took my a while to type all of this up but I (hopefully) included some interesting and importnat info. Check it out:
  14. Disman_ca

    Disman_ca Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    I am not a Rogers user but I have heard from a lot of friends that the Terayon units are being replaced. At work we use Rogers and they just came by last month to replace the modem. They installed the newer Motorola units (sold at BestBuy and FutureShop). I was also told the Terayon modems have lots of disconnect issues. I can tell you this much for sure. I am using the Motorola modem (different cable ISP) and my GS has no problems yet. Maybe all you Rogers users can call and convince them to switch it. Just my 2¢ worth maybe it will work if you haven't already called them.
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