Another NEWB question: TFTP & dd-wrt

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by BassKozz, Dec 10, 2005.

  1. BassKozz

    BassKozz Network Guru Member

    What is it?
    Where can I get it?
    How do I use it?


    I am getting ready to install DD-WRT on my WRT54G v3.1, and It mentions using TFTP...


    Also, what package (firmware version) should I install first mini or go stright to standard, and also do I use the Generic *.bin file or the WRT54g *.bin file ?

    There is conflicting info:
    hwsupport.txt (downloaded in firmware *.zip file):
    Wiki says only for v4, while hwsupport.txt says "any version"... what gives ?

  2. sded

    sded Network Guru Member

    If you install from a browser, use the generic dd-wrt. If you use tftp, use the wrt54g version. With a 3.1 you should be able to install directly, but I always install the mini first. And push the reset button for 30 seconds before you install anything to clean out the nvram. You can get tftp from the Linksys site and lots of other places, but installing from IE works fine with the generic versions.
  3. BassKozz

    BassKozz Network Guru Member

    cool thanks sded !!! :thumbup:
  4. tiagoespinha

    tiagoespinha Network Guru Member

    Yes but NEVER try a specific version (WRT54G) on the web interface, I tried (I didn't know by then :p) and the result was that I bricked my router ... fortunately I could get it back to the living world with the short circuit method but I didn't like to have to void the warranty seal :sadbye:
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