Another problem with Wmp54g -_-

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Xpl0d3, Jul 30, 2005.

  1. Xpl0d3

    Xpl0d3 Network Guru Member

    Some days ago i had the Problem with my new WMP54g that it dropped every 2-3 Minutes. I've solved that with disabling WZC and using the Linksys Config Tool instead.

    Now my problem is that when i start my PC or reactivate the Connection, I can't get an IP adress from DHCP ( also tried specified one ).

    What happens:
    There's good signal to the AP.
    It wan't to get an IP adress (this takes about 1 Minute).
    Then suddenly the connection drops in this process. ( The red X )
    Then again, and after some retries it works.
    After i've connected it won't disconnect at all.

    I always get the TCPIP message in the comp administration that the Adaptor is connected to the network and it started normal, and this for all retries.

    With WZC it worked, but i can't use it because the drops...

    My AP: WAP54gv2 Adaptor: WMP54gv4. No Mac filter

    Please help
  2. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    You should have SSID broadcast enabled. What type of encryption are you using and are you on Windows XP SP2? Are you using WPA-PSK, if you are, use the hotfix from Microsoft at:

    If you are using WEP and installed the hot fix you should de-install the hot fix.
  3. Xpl0d3

    Xpl0d3 Network Guru Member

    i've tried to broadcast the SSID and it worked 2 times without problems :eek:

    so maybe 8)

    thx for this idea

    edit: tried again: the same like before.

    i have Win Xp Home Sp2 with all updates Wpa-Psk (Tkip) enabled, and installed the hotfix
  4. Xpl0d3

    Xpl0d3 Network Guru Member

    i think i've fixed this with using the ralink config tool.

    I recognized that i've ~1% transmitted-succ-after-retries. (0 @ rec)
    I know this is normal, but could that be the reason for loss in counter-strike (1.6) or is it my inet connection?
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