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Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by bigjohns, Sep 19, 2005.

  1. bigjohns

    bigjohns Network Guru Member

    I would love to be able to assign a very restricted bandwidth limit to certain L7 protocols, like AIM.

    I don't have a problem with instant messaging, but I don't like it when those tools are used for file transfer on the network. It uses lots of bandwidth.

    I'd like to be able to restrict it to something like a 56k modem...
  2. bigjohns

    bigjohns Network Guru Member

    isn't there anyone else who would find this usefull?
  3. rtau

    rtau Network Guru Member

    I don't know if such capability can be done in web interface, but you can set AIM to bulk and set the uplink and downlink bandwidth correctly, so it won't affect other network application too much.
  4. bigjohns

    bigjohns Network Guru Member

    already doing that. But as I understand it, "bulk" can borrow from other priority levels if those levels are not busy - so in effect the restriction is only in effect when the pipe is busy.

    I want to be able to restrict certain services to a maximum total bandwidth, no borrowing, period...

  5. rtau

    rtau Network Guru Member

    You may try the following command, to see if it help
    tc class change dev vlan1 classid 1:40 htb rate 1Kbit ceil 10Kbit prio 4 quantum 1518
    It should limit all triffic in the bulk class to 10Kbit at most.
  6. bigjohns

    bigjohns Network Guru Member

    but that would restrict ALL bulk, right?
  7. rtau

    rtau Network Guru Member

    Right, you may take AIM as the only service which is classified as bulk.
    If you want to go further, I think you may need to create an additional class, assign the bandwidth you want to that class with a suitable priority and classify the AIM to that class....
  8. bigjohns

    bigjohns Network Guru Member

    I think that is what I would like to do, but I have no idea how to even approach this. I am <> brainslayer!
  9. rtau

    rtau Network Guru Member

  10. chiefbb

    chiefbb Network Guru Member

    here is a quote from sveasoft on the functionality of talisman 1.1's new combined "qos and access restrictions page":

    bigjohns, if you are an sveasoft subscriber this might be an option for you. talisman 1.1's current "guesstimate for release is Sept. 24th".

  11. bigjohns

    bigjohns Network Guru Member

    Not a subscriber - but that does look cool.

    The problem I have with that is I'm sure BrainSlayer is more likely to have a perfected implementation of something like this (I mean really good working version) inside v23 soon....

    And I can wait.

  12. bigjohns

    bigjohns Network Guru Member

    No, I don't know anyone = brainslayer...

    but that made my old brain hurt. I have to tell you, I'm 43 years old... and very "windows dependant" because, for about 15 years it's the only OS i've used...

    I think that what I want to do could be done with an IPtables rule... but I'm not certain, and don't know where to start...
  13. BrainSlayer

    BrainSlayer Network Guru Member

    try the build from today. i changed many things in qos
  14. rtau

    rtau Network Guru Member

    As you've been using Windows for about 15 years, I guess you should have used DOS too. The command line interface should not be a problem for you then. :rockon:
  15. bigjohns

    bigjohns Network Guru Member

    No... I can do lots of DOS stuff... its the shell scripting *bash* stuff that confuses the heck out of me.

    And the knowledge that one mistake in an IPtables command can really screw me up causes hesitation and fear...

  16. habskilla

    habskilla Network Guru Member

    I only see the 9/20 build. Is 9/20 the one you're referring to?
  17. bigjohns

    bigjohns Network Guru Member

    he took down the build from today because it had a fatal error in it that would cause the router to enter a reboot loop if you set certain configuration options.
  18. handyaswan

    handyaswan Network Guru Member

    hallo all,

    i want to put QoS at my WRT54G for my 10's Client PC
    i am use 64 kilobits wireless from my ISP PROVIDER.
    i want setup 3 kilobytes at any client pc (1-10 client pc is same, 3 kbytes)
    and i use this for game at 10's pc like ragnarok,warcraft,etc game online.

    can tell me, step by step?? plss....

    thx u
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