Another question about bridging two WRT54s.

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Strag0, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. Strag0

    Strag0 Network Guru Member

    I've got an issue with trying to 'bridge' two linksys WRTs together. This seems to be a very popular subject and I hope my question / issue isn't too redundant. I have read many of the posts and tried almost everything suggested, but so far I have had NO luck getting them connected together.

    My situation is that I share the internet with my landlord upstairs. She has a WRT running the Stock firmware, and at one point I had a Belkin router that oddly enough bridged flawlessly with hers upstairs. Though just recently they stopped working together so I bought a new Linksys WRT and traded it out with my parent's version 1.1 so that I could put a third party firmware on it.

    Now that I've got the router here I've been trying several different methods to get internet access downstairs, but so far it hasn't worked. The router downstairs is running "Tofu12" and the router upstairs is running the Offical Linksys firmware.

    I'm running out of ideas on how to get them to work. IF they can work. If anyone has any advice or thoughts it would be helpful!

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