Antenna and Port ? for wrt54tg

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by drstrangenorm, Nov 15, 2006.

  1. drstrangenorm

    drstrangenorm LI Guru Member

    Hi everyone. I have recently started hacking away with this router. I have 2 of them talking to each other at the moment and I installed a after market antenna. Everything seems to work well except for poor signal.

    I am wondering if these routers can transmit and receive on one antenna? Or do they need to be set so that each antenna has its own role of RX or TX?

    Also, is it possible to set an IP to each port on the router? Or is it strictly a switch?

    Sorry for the first post to be so many questions. Hopefully I can offer some help to people when I get more experienced with these units :)
  2. PimpTwzt

    PimpTwzt LI Guru Member

    Yes with the proper firmware they can be adjusted to use Tx on one and Rx on the other OR you can set it up to only use one antenna. You can select which you want to use as well.... I recoment the (Looking at the router from the front) Right antenna due to this port being soldered dirrectly to the board. The setting is under Wireless/Advanced settings. This is also the place that you can turn up the power... Set power to 84mw. Right now the Tx and Rx are set to auto... meaning that the router switches back and forth between the antenna's depending on which has the better signal.
  3. drstrangenorm

    drstrangenorm LI Guru Member

    Ah, that is what I thought. Right now I'm running dd-wrt on a version 6 linksys. I set both RX and TX to go out one antenna and was not sure if that is an acceptable setting for it. Sounds like it is. Thanks.
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