Antenna orientation and effect on signal quality

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bushmaster, Jan 29, 2005.

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    I purchased a WRT54GS and WMP54GS about two weeks ago. Although the router is located about 10 meters away from my PC, the signal power is very unstable: It varies between "low" and "very good" continuously. Most of the time however, the signal reading is "low".

    I tried two different laptops, one with a Linksys PCI card (but without speed booster) at the same location as my PC. On both laptops the signal quality was a stable "very good" to "excellent".

    I tried all kind of things to identify and/or solve the problem:
    * different channels
    * switching off my DECT phone
    * different loactions of my router and/or PC
    * re-installation of the software
    * different (official Linksys) firmware
    * Another router (WRT54G)

    All without success. My conclusion so far was that the problem was either related to the speed booster, or to the WMP54GS PCI adapter.

    Yesterday a friend called me after having similar problems with his WRT54G/WMP54G combo. He told me that when he changed the orientation from the antenna on his WMP54G from vertical (as adviced by the Linksys documentation) to horizontal, he got a much better result. Although I was a bit sceptical, I followed his advice. And guess what? It worked!

    With the antenna oriented horizontal, the signal quality is a stable "very good", as soon as I change it to vertical, the signal quality varies from "low" to "good" continuously.

    There is one problem: With the antenna oriented horizontally, it it sticking out quite a bit reawards. There is a risk when the PC is moved backwards that the antenna hits the wall.

    Does anyone of you have a similar experience?
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