Antenna Question with the WRT54g V4

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by illtww, Jul 25, 2006.

  1. illtww

    illtww Network Guru Member

    OK here goes...

    I have a WRT54g V4 with Thibor 15c... I want to share my signal across the apartment complex to a friend of mine... (and whoever else can pick it up)..

    I bought this antenna...

    And a cable like this...

    I plan on going from my APT (WRT54gv4) where the Internet-Connection is to my friends APT (Zyxel P-330w)..

    I am guessing I need to put the SMC YAGI on my (Zyxel) Since it has the RP-SMA connector.

    Important Stats:
    1. Both elevated 3rd Floor Apartments
    2. About 250 - 300 feet away.. ( 1 Wall Seperating the apartments)

    1. The Zyxel will do brigged so I am guessing I can retain Thibor 15c?
    2. Will i need the full 251mw that the linksys is able to put out?
    3. I will need to install a fan on the linksys.

    Any thoughts? I really appreicate it guys!!
  2. illtww

    illtww Network Guru Member


    any other forums to post this on?? wrong category?
  3. jgutz20

    jgutz20 Network Guru Member

    1. you should be able to make it work with thibor
    2.3. well i dont think that u will need the full transmit power to do that, but if you do, i'd put some sort of cooling passive or active.

    You might need to put a stronger antenna on the linksys router as well, it might be able to receive the communications but might not be able to transmit far enough.
  4. illtww

    illtww Network Guru Member


    if I put that antenna i bought on the ZYXEL side it will function as the Transmit/Recieve correct? Won't that offset the need for seperate big antennas?
  5. illtww

    illtww Network Guru Member

    is there another forum that is move involved in antenna selections?
  6. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    if the position of the two locations is static then it would be best to use directional antenna, you would tbh need 2 antennas for this, both routers would need their signal/antennas boosted for the best results.

    PS, this forum is fine, no need to ask twice about anntennas and correct forums.
  7. illtww

    illtww Network Guru Member

    any reccomendation on a boosted antenna
  8. jgutz20

    jgutz20 Network Guru Member

    well, theres tons to choose from, i'd look around for reviews, heres a couple to try:

    *Linksys HGA7T (7dbi)
    *Hawking Hi-Gain H-AI6SI (6dbi)
    *Buffalo WLE-DA2 (9dbi)
    *yagi (any model should be good)

    Theres tons more i'd just decide what your price range is and then narrow down the choices from there and lookup reviews. if you get choices narrowed down ask in the forums and maybe we can help make the final decision. and remember some like the hawking i listed are for 1 antenna so you will need to buy 2 of em. another popular manufacture to lookup is yagi. One last thing is if you find something attached to an extension cable you can move the antenna closer to the other network devices or higher in the room so the signal can travel further. Hope this helps
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