Any Experance on 1/2 mile Highspeed Wireless Connection

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Snake98, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. Snake98

    Snake98 Guest

    I’m looking at setting up a link at between my brother’s house and mine. But I need high speed connection, for streaming video ect. If you have any experience on this please comment.

    I can't find any sites reviewing amps or high speed connection for .5 mile area, most for b connection which not fast enough.

    The following are the specs below.

    Margin 31 dbm if everything perfect.

    Distance .5 mile

    Line of Site yes, but clear only by 1-2 feet. Shooting over house on raised antennas Fresnel ellipsoid effect?

    Antenna 21 dbi gain directional antennas

    Cable, unsure may base linksys or dlink access points in boxes at antenna. calculating -2 loss on cable on each site

    Routers- Looking at d-link(DWL-2100AP) or wrt54gsv4 (bridging them)

    Receiver sensitive -66 ( Want Highest bandwidth possible) don’t we all

    Amplifier - hawking HSB2 - .5 watt should I got to 1 watt? If so which ones?

    Calculation based on following website on loss
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