Any firmware for the WAG54GX2?

Discussion in 'Linksys Official Firmware' started by AdamPD, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. AdamPD

    AdamPD Network Guru Member

    Been having problems with my SRX200 gateway, are there any firmware updates, besides the 1.00.1 version?
  2. arrarro

    arrarro Network Guru Member

    I am getting this router tomorrow. I was wondering if there were any beta fw.
    What kind of problems are you experiencing with this router?

    It's me again.
    I received this router yesterday and made a lot of wireless and wired adsl tests. IMO it's a very stable and reliable product with embedded fw. no problems found atm

  3. banjaxed

    banjaxed LI Guru Member

    Be careful about upgrading

    After months and months of perfect performance on the original firmare, I was stupid enough to upgrade to 1.00.09. Bad move. Endless problems with dropping the ADSL...

    So I reinstalled the original 1.00.01 and everything is back to normal - rock solid connection that never drops.

    Perhaps I was unlucky, but if you don't NEED to upgrade, be cautious and make sure you have the 1.00.01 firmware file handy so you can go back if necessary.
  4. memyselfi007

    memyselfi007 Network Guru Member


    Maybe the problem wasn't the firmware but your ISP?

    I had lots of connection drops with 1.00.09 firmware, but after several complains to my ISP, they solved the problem.

    I think there is a kind of compatibility problem with ADSL 2+, with some hardware of some ISPs.
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