Any reason to get a USB or PCI card, vs just another WRT54G?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by shawnharper, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. shawnharper

    shawnharper Network Guru Member

    I'm starting from scratch with my network – we just moved into a new (old) house with no cat5. I’m planning on getting a WRT54G. It’s location will not be near my desktop computer. I was thinking of getting either a wireless PCI card, or USB adapter, but the linksys ones are just about the same price as the WRT54G. Couldn’t I just get two WRT54G’s, and use the second hooked up to my computer to act as a wireless card? That way I’d have extended range around the house (for my laptop).

  2. Schlaegel

    Schlaegel Guest

    That is what I did

    I use a WRT54G for my "wireless adapter". (GPL Satori in client mode)

    I have not regretted it at all. I never have to install a driver. It doesn't use my CPU for any of the processing. I can use it in some other function later if I want to.
  3. shawnharper

    shawnharper Network Guru Member

    Great - just the answer I was looking for.

    So, in Satori, just set it to client mode? Then what - it just works? Sorry - I'm a noob to this router.

  4. MLD

    MLD Network Guru Member

    Would same be possible with a WAP54G?
  5. hex

    hex Guest

    Re: That is what I did

    May I possibly ask You to give us some more information. From what I have just read You were able to use second router as an ethernet bridge. If it is right, that is a solution i was looking for!
  6. MLD

    MLD Network Guru Member

    I was able to accomplish this by using 2 wrt54g's in AP mode using WDS in Satori. I just disable the wireless card and plugged in the ethernet cord to the clients adapter and it worked fine.
  7. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    WDS will cost you. You lose half the bandwidth. Also WPA-PSK does not work with WDS with Satori and you have to wait for Achemy. Client mode has its drawbacks, you get double NAT, DHCP does not work through NAT. You have to have DHCP server enabled on your client WRT54G or use fixed addresses. Or you have to disable NAT on your client WRT54G and use it as a OSPF router. Satori only support one client on its LAN, again you have to wait for Achemy. I got WPA-PSK to work with some help from Sveasoft with Achemy in Client Mode. Achemy is still in beta and will cost you $20.00. If you use a WRT54G, you have to flash the firmware and set it up and configure the firmwareand it is not portable. If you use a mini-pci you only have to set it up and it is self contained in the laptop. If you use the USB, you have to set it up, it is not self contained. Some people have had problems installing the drivers. You can get a notebook PC card. If I had a spare WRT54G, I would go that way, but if I had a choice I would go with the mini-pci card or the notebook PC card.
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