Any reason why the WAG should work with non-linksys hubs?

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by blasedef, Nov 10, 2004.

  1. blasedef

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    I am setting up, or rather have set up, a network consisting of 7 machines, 5 machines are on XP (SP2), and the 6th is '98, and the last is a laptop on W2K
    The 98 Machine is Connected via a Linksys AP, and the AP is hardwired to the WAG, then there are 2 machines hardwired to the WAG, and the laptop sits about 3 feet from the WAG.
    These machines have been working fine for a few weeks, (well as fine as could be - a few restarts of the WAG a week.. grrr).
    The problem occurs when connecting the other 3 machines, there is a Belkin 8 port hub, 10/100, and one XP machine connects direct to that, then there is another Belkin hub, 4 port, 10 mps, and the last two machines are hardwired to this, now what happens is, that the top machines (the ones on the third hub) will be connected fine to the internet, then the entire network dies, or the WiFi goes down, or just the internet dies, or just the internet on one machine dies, or even, only parts of the internet die (as in I can have HTTP working, but not FTP), the other thing is, it doesn't seem to matter what I do online, after a few hours I am garenteed that I have to walk to the WAG and reset the entire network again (turn everything off, then turn on the WAG, then the 98 machine, then the 2 XP direct machines, then the hub, then the XP machine, then the 3rd hub, then the last two machines). So does anyone know if you have to have linksys products?
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