Any way to bypass VPN selectively?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by david3, Dec 26, 2010.

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    First of all, I want to say that I have found this thread to be very helpful.

    I just set up an ASUS RT-N66U and loaded up Tomato Shibby firmware, partially to run my entire network through a VPN (PIA).

    I'm running into a related issue here. When I tried to log into my Netflix, it is being blocked because of my VPN Access. These bans have started going into effect over the last few months.

    I currently have an exception as described in Post #90 to allow our primary media device to be excluded from the VPN tunneling.

    I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a way to take it a step further, and exclude VPN traffic based on the destination site; such that all Netflix (Hulu, etc) traffic is excluded from the VPN?

    I see several posts about how to make sure Netflix is always included, but not the reverse.

    Something similar was asked at post #189, but I did not see a reply that answered that particular question.

    Thanks in advance!
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    You can use the method undelrined in with the change that you set the mark to 1.
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    Here is an up to date version for shibby tomato :

    In the tomato GUI:

    Basic >Network
    Create a second bridge br1. IP Enable DHCP. Save.

    Advanced >VLAN
    VLAN #3 bridge to LAN1 (br1). Put at least one port (Port 4) on VLAN #3. Save.

    Advanced >Virtual Wirless
    Set guest wl0.1 (and wl1.1 for 5GHz) to LAN1(br1). Set security WPA2 and password. Save.

    VPN Tunneling > OpenVPN Client >Client 1 >Basic
    Enable Start with WAN. Enter your VPN details. Enable Create NAT on tunnel. Save.

    VPN Tunneling > OpenVPN Client >Client 1 >Advanced
    (EDIT) Accept DNS configuration :Strict. Save.
    Ignore Redirect Gateway (route-nopull) : Enabled. (That is what I did not do, but I could not find this in forum...)

    VPN Tunneling > OpenVPN Client >Client 1 >Routing Policy
    Redirect through VPN : Enabled
    From Source IP : ENABLED

    Then Restart the VPN at least.
  4. Jason Meudt

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