Anybody interested in translating the web interface?

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by dadaniel, Aug 29, 2004.

  1. dadaniel

    dadaniel Network Guru Member

    @ Avenger20: Is it possible to edit the htm(l)-pages on the router?

    I think for many users who don't understand the english language it is rather hard to configure the router.

    Linksys only provides (for example) german-gui only in

    I think if hyperwrt-firmware is available in multi-language, there will be many happy people.

    I think I can translate the web-gui to german if you want.


    Is anyone here who can translate the webinterface of the WRT54G(S) into his foreign language?
    If editing the webpages(see above) is possible, this would greatly enhance the hyperwrt-firmware.

    And also hyperWRT would be the first firmware available in multiple languages! :)
  2. Avenger20

    Avenger20 Network Guru Member

    It's possible, but a lot of work. I think most people will understand the english as it's not that difficult english.
  3. dadaniel

    dadaniel Network Guru Member

    I have two weeks of free time now before school is going on, so i can try to translate it to german.
    If you are still interested in that, just send me a PM!

    greetz dadaniel
  4. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    this would seem alot of hard work for a minimal gain. the vast majority of linksys firmware is in English and has been for years. i cannot see much demand for this.
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