Anyone experiencing memory leakage on Tomato?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by elkabong33, May 13, 2008.

  1. elkabong33

    elkabong33 LI Guru Member

    Hello Guys,

    I am not sure if I am experiencing memory leakage in my tomato firmware but I am using ver1.10.1189 with VPN Mod.

    When I rebooted my router yesterday it showed 20.74% memory available. I have the internal logging turned off and the VPN verb set to 0. Today approximately 24 hours later I logged in to check and the memory available is 13.53%. Should this be correct?

    When the internal logging was enabled I had to be rebooting the router every 3 or 4 hours. I also tried the later versions of the firmware and I had a similar issue so this is the reason I reverted back to ver1.10.1189.

    FYI: I am using the Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 as the VPN clients and they are connected 24/7. I am running VoIP calls through the tunnels for about 18 hours per day at least so the routers are using about 90kbit/s down and up constantly for 18 hours a day. I don't know if this would have an impact but I thought I'd mention it.

    Any feedback would be appreciated.


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  2. srouquette

    srouquette Network Guru Member

    I have the same problem on a WRT54G v2 with 1.16 VPN mod, but I don't have the leak on a WRT54GL v1.1...
    I must reboot the WRT54G every week.
  3. roadkill

    roadkill Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    hopefully this will disappear next time I'll update OpenVPN
  4. elkabong33

    elkabong33 LI Guru Member

    So is there a version of the firmware that I can use for the time being that doesn't have this problem?
  5. srouquette

    srouquette Network Guru Member

    glad to read that, thank you :)
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