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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Noinoi, Dec 16, 2005.

  1. Noinoi

    Noinoi Network Guru Member

    We have a WRT54G V1.1 with LinkSys Firmware V4.20.7.

    What i want to do is block all services (internet, chat, ftp, etc.....) EXCEPT EMAIL of specific computer.

    I did something which i thought will work but failed.

    I created two policies in the access restriction as described here:

    1. This is the first policy

    Status: Enabled
    Policy Name: Policy01
    Allow is checked
    Days: Everyday
    Times: 24 hours
    Blocked Services: (I created 2 user-defined)
    1. Under SMTP with port 1 ~ 24
    2. Between SMTP POP with port 26 ~109

    2. This is the second policy

    Since a policy can accept only 2 services to be blocked, I created another policy same as no. 1 but blocked another user-defined service which is

    1. Over POP with port 111 ~ 65535

    Of course to those who are familiar with email protocol, my solution is very obvious. Since outgoing email uses port 25 and incoming email uses port 110, i leave the two port unblocked.

    But when i applied this two policies to a computer, even email is not working.

    Can anyone pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee try my solution or can anyone suggest something i can do.


  2. ConverseNation

    ConverseNation Network Guru Member

    I have two questions

    What email client are you using?
    if your ISP requires authentication then you are blocking the ports needed for confirmation.

    How do you know you are using POP mail as compared to exchange or imap or other types of services or protocols. If your mail is accessed over a VPN then you are also knocking out the ports required for that. I would suggest blocking only a group of ports at a time. Then check for email functionality or using a ether Sniffer to see what ports are being used when you send/recieve your email, allowing you to block all ports not used. Hope this helps some.
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