Anyone using WRT160N v1.0.2.7 Beta Firmware?

Discussion in 'Linksys Official Firmware' started by RhesusPieces, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. RhesusPieces

    RhesusPieces LI Guru Member

    I just loaded the WRT160N v1.0.2.7 Beta Firmware. Anyone else doing this?
    We had a problem with the wireless just stopping. This required a restart or a
    really long wait (we never did wait long enough to see if it came back).

    The clock is on to see if we lose wireless. I think we lost wireless several times a week. It is just rare enough so that it may take a long time to decide that this
    firmware fixed the problem.

    Couldn't run tomato on this router and only the latest release of DD-WRT supported this router. We decided to stay with the official Linksys firmware.

    -Michael Cerda
  2. milals

    milals Guest

    Any update

    Have you had any problems since you installed the beta firmware? I have the original firmware 1.02.2 and have been having the intermittent outage problem reported by many others. Thanks
  3. cybe77

    cybe77 Addicted to LI Member


    I've got some problems with my WAG160N. Where can I download Beta FW for Linksys hardware?


  4. Arie1

    Arie1 Addicted to LI Member

    My WRT160N was supplied with firmware version "v1.53.0 Dec 19, 2007". This did crash the Lela software (while searching for network devices).
    After this I loaded the firmware version "v1.02.7-beta3-HNAP Jan 29, 2008" and this works fine. This version was obtained via local Linksys support (on the download page i see 1.02.2). Also Lela runs properly now and Lela with this firmware is much faster in detecting network devices. (The HNAP is needed for Lela). Lela was used from interest, but normally I use the Web interface menu.
    At my WRT160N (V1) with firmware version "v1.02.7-beta3-HNAP Jan 29, 2008" together with 3 wired and 1 wireless computer everything runs stable and fine. I have a speed between the wired computer and the router of 95Mbs. My Internet speed (with a fiber at home) is in download 40 to 60Mbs and I have seen peaks of 85 Mbs.
    So I am quite satisfied with the environment.
  5. peppersteak

    peppersteak Addicted to LI Member

    Do you have a link to the BETA driver? Or maybe just send it to me.



  6. UHeinz13

    UHeinz13 Guest

  7. RhesusPieces

    RhesusPieces LI Guru Member

    We still have pauses where the wireless connection drops. It eventually comes back after 5 minutes or so. At least the pauses are shorter and much less frequent. I thought it was a problem with overheating but I stood the router on its end so that no vents are blocked.

    Where did that version of the firmware come from? Is it a US or EU version?

    Our next step if I don't see a newer version of the software is to run DDWRT.
  8. RhesusPieces

    RhesusPieces LI Guru Member

    I tried all the official firmware options I could. I finally moved to DD-WRT to see if that would solve the wireless connection dropout problem. The wireless connection still drops out. I even applied nvram set wl_reg_mode=off, nvram set wl0_reg_mode=off changes that the tomato guys report compatibility between the new drivers and certain Intel hardware.

    I also noted that channel 1 doesn't work at all. My guess now it that the router hardware itself is broken. We have only been able to make the router work on channel 11.
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