Anyone want a WRT54G-TM for $30 ?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by ringer004, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. ringer004

    ringer004 LI Guru Member

    I just noticed an eBay auction (multiple routers available) for $19.99 + $10 shipping. The auction is out of Illinois in the US. The title says "WRT54G", but the picture shows a WRT54G-TM, and the detailed description in the following text states WRT54G-TM. You can make your own decision, or just ask the seller to confirm. From what I've seen lately, $30 total is not a bad price for this router.

    Auction number is 150433329747. You can search for this in the search bar.
  2. ringer004

    ringer004 LI Guru Member

    I forgot to mention that this is really a "Buy It Now" auction and the seller states he has more than 10 available.

    And if anyone is curious, I am *not* the seller. :)
  3. xtacydima

    xtacydima LI Guru Member

    hey ringer004 I just recently got the ASUS RT-16 which is indeed awesome btw, and can finally retire my old WRT54G v1.1 which I just rest to factory settings and upgraded to Victeks latest stable build.

    What in your opinion is a fair price, from a sellers perspective, for me to list it as or let it go for?
  4. ringer004

    ringer004 LI Guru Member


    Well, that's not always an easy answer. It depends on your local situation, eBay vs. local selling (like Craigslist), etc. So what follows is just some of my observations and opinions.

    Craigslist: I would say $40-$45. I've sold 15+ "Tomato capable" routers on my local Craigslist in this price range. Less if you want to sell fast, more if you're patient and want to extract every nickel from the buyer. :)

    eBay: Generally, have a "low" opening bid (like bid + shipping ~ $20). It will likely get bid up to the $40 range (including shipping). You can check recently completed auctions on eBay and see how much they are going for. But I've seen "bid + shipping" as low as $15 and some as high as $60+. It's all luck of the draw...

    For both, explicitly state that this is a version 1.1 with S/N CDFx. This helps potential buyers to know exactly what they are getting.

    Also explicitly state it has Tomato version x.xx. I've noticed a tendency for people to bid more if routers are preloaded with Tomato/DD-WRT/etc. I think some (newbie ?) people want to run alternative firmware but are intimidated by doing the upgrade themselves.

    Good luck.


    I emailed the seller of the above listing and confirmed all routers are the "-TM" with S/N C061. She modified her listing stating that.
  5. EricCartman

    EricCartman LI Guru Member

    Can this router be flashed with tomato?
  6. TexasFlood

    TexasFlood Network Guru Member

    If you mean a WRT54G-TM, then yes although you have to modify it a bit first. Although in the past this meant opening it and reflashing the CFE with a JTAG cable, it can all be done with software these days thanks to Tornado over on the DD-WRT forums. See this thread or this newer, shorter thread for more info.
  7. AlexT

    AlexT Networkin' Nut Member

    I do! I do! Finally, I'm going to have a router to run Tomato on and ample ram|flash. Why, I'm just giddy over your posting this, ringer004 and have to express it...


    lol. I've been researching and cross-referencing info between DD-WRT & Tomato lists of working devices and memory capacity for more than a week now, actually started two weeks ago; ie, following deals sites, checking my e-alerts, e-tailers, etc. watching prices. I was worried I wouldn't be able to afford something to meet my wants and needs and then, happened to see your post and one is on the way. I almost bit on a Rosewill RNX-GX4 several times but did desire more capacity and a bit less price, you know how we like our deals. Cannot wait to finally have control over active sessions and more.

    BTW...I did notice that the details on the page had been updated and then, saw your reply, lol. Appreciate your contacting them, as I was about to contact them for confirmation on the serial and model number. You really took care of me on this and didn't even know it. ha!

    I've been reading posts here recently but just registered so I could say a sincere "thank you, ringer004" for the head's up. And now, of course, I'll have a valid reason to be a member, as well.

    Cheers, mate!
  8. ringer004

    ringer004 LI Guru Member

    Glad I could help. It seemed like a pretty good deal, so I thought I'd let other people know about it.

    I'd get one myself if I didn't already have a -TM, V4, V3.1, and a V2.2 :)
  9. AlexT

    AlexT Networkin' Nut Member

    Felt obliged to reply and say that eBay offer was, indeed, exactly as you called it. Recieved mine in 3 days and installed Tomato (Viktek's RAF 1.25.8515.2 ND) that a friendly & helpful forum member (lol) suggested to me and my oh my oh my...what a difference the combination of the two makes!! wow! Is all I got to say. Sure, I'm only running it as wired right now but I bet mess around with the wireless sometime when I can find a card to use, etc. I'll be reading up on and trying to learn more about the features and offerings I have in it's settings now.

    Thank you once again, Ringer and to for all the resources.

  10. ringer004

    ringer004 LI Guru Member

    New "But It Now" auction number

    Hello all,

    The original "Buy It Now" auction has ended and has been relisted as auction number 150436673248.

    Good luck to all. I hope this is helping some people out on a good deal... :)
  11. mstombs

    mstombs Network Guru Member

    Still a buy it now and too bad they don't list international shipping...
  12. vibe666

    vibe666 Network Guru Member

    if he did, it would be $40-60 for shipping and you can get one with a UK (or EU) PSU delivered for £50, so it wouldn't be worth it anyway.
  13. mstombs

    mstombs Network Guru Member

    Doesn't have to be that much shipping (mine certainly wasn't!), I don't think the TM ever released in UK, I've only ever seen US imports. There's currently a Polish vendor offering that price to UK, probably with an EU psu plug.
  14. TexasFlood

    TexasFlood Network Guru Member

    Make sure you don't end up buying a WRTU54G-TM, don't want one of those, at least I wouldn't. I'd take it over a sharp stick in the eye but wouldn't pay for it.
  15. itaintrite

    itaintrite Networkin' Nut Member

    I've seen this router on cowboom many times for about $20 shipped refurbished. I've bought a few for friends and they love it (32/8MB). Though, I think I'd get them Asus RT-N12 now for $30.
  16. TexasFlood

    TexasFlood Network Guru Member

    Cowboom is where I got mine. Good deal. Guess the RT-N12 is a good alternative, 1/2 the flash but hey it's 802.11n. I've got the RT-N16 and like it.
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