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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Erwan12, Mar 6, 2006.

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    Hi there!

    Ok so I have an old Linksys befsr41 V2. I have 2 Cable Connections coming from Shaw in Calgary. I have 1 openBSD router doing load balancing. So what I was planning on doing was to have 2 WANs coming into openBSD router directly and load balance from there. so something like this
                          OpenBSD router-----switch----servers
    Now for some reason, shaw has both my connection on different gateway IPs but same gateway MAC so my openBSD router is giving me arp entry error and not routing at all.

    shaw1= IP:
    gatewayIP: y.y.y.y
    gatewayMAC: ##.##.##.##.##

    shaw2= IP:
    gatewayMAC:##.##.##.##.## -- same as shaw1

    Ok so my solution to this was to use my Linksys router in between one of the connections so that the open BSD box would see 2 diff gateways all together, something like this:

                                  openBSD router----switch----servers
    Ok so now the openBSD box is load blancing outbound no problem, internet works, sweet deal. Now i need to forward ports to the appropriate server, so what I did was set the openBSD as the dmz on the linksys router and do all the port forwardig on the openBSD router. That didn't work so well. If people request a website using the shaw2 connection it works fine, openBSD is forwarding properly, if they try accessing the site thru shaw 1, no go, nothing. Cant' connect. I finished setting up my forwaring rules on the openBSD router and everything works fine as long as people from the outside use the shaw2 connection.

    I also tried port forwarding the ports needed on the linksys router to openBSD box with no success.

    Is there anything I can change on the linksys router to make it pass all traffic to the openBSD router?

    My address scheme is as follows:

    shaw1 IP:
    shaw2 IP:
    Linksys LAN IP:
    OpenBSD LAN IP:

    Sorry for the long post, just wanted to give as much info as possible, any help would be awesome!


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