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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Mac29, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. Mac29

    Mac29 Reformed Router Member

    So I've been using a WRT54GL w/Tomato ver 1.28 fine for over a year but recently moved. I swear this was using AP mode and WPA2. Now the problem is at my new house the owner doesn't want me to access the main wireless router ( nor disable security, since he'd have to reset all his devices.

    So I have to try using the Tomato router as an AP that is then wired to my PC, etc. by trying to configure the settings myself. I believe under Basic>LAN I definitely want DHCP turned off, letting the main router do that. I think (!) I want to set the Tomato router's IP as but I'm not sure. The rest I think I can get. Encryption might work if set to TKIP/AES. The alternatives are few so I'm bound to find what works.

    This is as plain vanilla as it gets. Tomato connect wirelessly to wireless network, I wire to Tomato. Just need constant internet access for school. Nothing fancy.

    Any help would be extremely appreciated.


  2. JoeDirte

    JoeDirte Networkin' Nut Member

    The setup you described sounds like you want to configure your router as a wireless Ethernet bridge.
  3. Mac29

    Mac29 Reformed Router Member

    Unfortunately it gets a little confusing, with WDS thrown in the mix. I think I want AP but I also think 'bridge' means you're trying to connect 2 separate networks. As I described, all I want to do is use Tomato to receive the house's wireless 'network' and then connect devices to Tomato via ethernet. Worked before but I'll be damned if I can't set this thing. It's a neat solution for a number of reasons but I sure could use a site/response that goes over the correct settings. So far I keep having to reset my router. If I could get into the main router it'd be easier but I can't. If I could get the right IP for Tomato I think I'd only need to correct a few security settings.

    Well, back to financial aid tomorrow and then take another crack at it.


  4. Marcel Tunks

    Marcel Tunks Networkin' Nut Member

    WET bridge is what you want. There are instructions in this forum and elsewhere on how to set it up.
  5. Mac29

    Mac29 Reformed Router Member

    Well I've been at this off and on for many weekends and still no go. I definitely want to use AP mode since my ver 1.28 tells me that is the only mode in v1.28 that supports WPA2 Personal w/I must match on the main router.

    My main problem w/AP settings are: 1. definitely should set an IP for 'LAN' that is outside the main router's address range. (Can't access it. By calculating, if it's using with sm= I believe the useable range is and any of those should work. ) 2. turn off DHCP,
    3. then just match the security settings.

    Now what I really need answered: 1. In 'Basic' the very top setting under WAN/Internet is type. Should this be left at DHCP or disabled? FOR AP. 2. When done with settings I save, get the 'Your settings have changed' message and the continue button, then I disable my local area connection (Windows 7), wait, enable it and THEN press continue in my browser. Why can't I log back in using the new IP I set for the Tomato router? If I'm not using DHCP on it, and I haven't connected to the network yet, Tomato and my browser don't know what any range is. I wait a minute or two for the 'AP' router's leds to turn solid before continuing.

    Also, do I need to power cycle either router? Some instructions say to connect LAN port to LAN port and do so after entering your settings to turn 2nd router to an AP. Some of these are steps for using the 2nd router as an AP that's wired to the main router.

    I've tried setting the LAN IP inside and outside what I think the main address range. No go.

    Would appreciate if anyone cared to chime back in.


  6. Marcel Tunks

    Marcel Tunks Networkin' Nut Member

    As mentioned above, you should be configuring wireless bridge, also known as WET. If you had a wire between the two routers, you could use AP mode. In this instance you cannot use AP mode. WAN disabled, default gateway to the gateway router, same SSID, security, and channel as the gateway router. You can't use WDS without access to the gateway router's settings.

    Regarding your difficulty connecting after disabling DHCP, do you have your Windows PC set to a static ip address in the same subnet as the router? (192.168.1.x)
  7. Mac29

    Mac29 Reformed Router Member

    Alright, let me ask this: My version of Tomato will only allow WPA2 Personal if in AP mode and that's the security the main router uses. If I were to use WET or wireless client mode, will WPA/WPA2 mixed mode only use AES? I'm guessing yes since nothing is using TKIP.

    I understand why I can't log back in w/o something running DHCP. I haven't tried setting anything to a static IP. If setting my PC a static IP solve's getting the Tomato login, how does that work since nothing is doing the DHCP?

    Thanks Marcel, I thought I used AP before but that must not be true.
  8. Marcel Tunks

    Marcel Tunks Networkin' Nut Member

    Try using WPA2. It should work. If it doesn't work then you will need to flash a slightly more updated version of Tomato from Victek, Toastman, or Shibby.
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