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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by cylent, Mar 3, 2006.

  1. cylent

    cylent Network Guru Member


    i just bought a wap54g access point and i am having an issue with it functioning as a ap client. when i do a site survey it wont show any sites. sometimes it'll show one or two or none at all.

    i am currently stationed in baghdad iraq and we get our internet wirelessly. people here use access points as ap clients to get their signal.
    i have a dlink 2100ap that went dead.
    i also happen to have a dlink 900ap+
    both dlink access points will do a site survey and list the available sites while the linksys ap will not.
    i get the feeling the linksys device is being picky and is only showing what it likes.
    how can i make my new wap54g show the internet provider just like the dlink? i am trying to get rid of the dlink ap since its borrowed.

    i noticed the current firmware on it is 3.04. november 05

    by the way this is the european version since the box has all the european flags.

    please help! very urgent.

    by the way i am using this antenna with the ap: http://www.hyperlinktech.com/web/hg2424g.php
    2.4 GHz 24 dBi High Performance Reflector Grid Wireless LAN Antenna
  2. cylent

    cylent Network Guru Member


    i am desperate here. :( :( :( :( :sad: :sad: :sad:
  3. cylent

    cylent Network Guru Member

    I am reviving this thread because i am still in need of a way to do this.

    can this ap work with a dlink access point?

    well it sure isnt picking it up.

    if i set the dlink access point to be a repeater for example the linksys one will not see the dlink.

    is there a way to do this?

    please. this ap is a doorstop if i cant get it to work.
  4. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    The WAP54G was only designed to work with a limited number of Linksys routers and only if they had the correct firmware versions. I works with another WAP54G, the WRT54G and the WRT54GS. It has been reported to work with the WAG54G. I have never seen anyone get it to work with the D-Link.
  5. Kulai

    Kulai Network Guru Member

    I have a WAP54G V3 acting as an AP. I used D-Link DWL-G810 as an AP Client without problem talking to WAP54G V3. I do have a problem with WAP54G on the security when I wanted to use it as an AP Client. It just don't allow me to turn on security in AP Client mode even with the latest firmware from Linksys. HyperWAP firmware did not help. I did not see any thread talking about this problem so I suspect it could be my hardware problem. I have 2 units and both have the same problem. Maybe they were from the same batch although I did not buy from the same shop.

    The DWL-G810 can also talk to my WRT54G with DD-WRT V.23 firmware. No problem on using WEP or WPA-PSK.

    I also have the D-Link DWL-2100AP but I haven't have the time to play with it yet. Most likely still don't have the time for the next 2 or 3 weeks. I only get to play with all these networking devices on weekends.

    I am no networking expert. Just an amateur who like wireless networking.
  6. Kulai

    Kulai Network Guru Member

    One more thing. I used 1 unit of my WAP54G as AP and the other unit as AP Client. One funny thing was the AP Client still able to talk to the AP even I see nothing from site survey. The MAC shown up blue when I define in the AP client, which mean the client is able to see the AP. Seeing it was blue in color, I tried to ping the AP from my client and it respond. So I continue to use it.
  7. cylent

    cylent Network Guru Member

    so i am screwed basically.

    i had this ordered here to iraq (currently stationed here)
    and now i am down $85. a great blue door stop.

    you would think that this is just a simple text string in the firmware saying: Filter non Linksys APs: YES or NO.

    I want it to either work with the dwl-900ap+ or the dwl-2100ap.

    there has to be a way. perhaps an older firmware?

    by the way mine came with EU 3.05 installed.
  8. Kulai

    Kulai Network Guru Member

    I am not sure whether you have any constraints. If you are in the hurry to get connected, maybe you could try to make the 2 D-Link products to talk to each other first. Hopefully it can be earlier to get them working first since they are the same brand. Both the DWL-900AP+ and DWL-2100AP can be configured as AP or Wireless Clinet. Just configure one of them as AP and the other as Wireless Client to make them work first. Troubleshoot the WAP54G later. Enable SSID Broadcast and don't turn on any security to make it work first.
  9. Kulai

    Kulai Network Guru Member

    If your DWL-2100AP is dead. Maybe you could try is use your WAP54G as the AP and the DWL-900AP+ as the client.
  10. cylent

    cylent Network Guru Member

    that wont work, kulai.

    let me explain how the internet works here.

    an internet provider broadcasts his internet using an omni directional antenna ... anyone can pick up the signal and log on however they have username and passwords. great so far.

    what he's using to broadcast is a dwl-2100ap.

    the way i have it right now is a dwl900ap+ acting as a client receiving the signal and i have my laptop through its lan port.

    what i want to do is remove the dwl900ap+ and replace it with the linksys.

    well i cant since the linksys wont see the dwl2100 when it scans.

    so i figured ok. i'll set the dwl900ap+ as a repeater. that works good but the linksys will not see the 900.

    do you see the loop i am in? the linksys ap is completely useless to me.
  11. Kulai

    Kulai Network Guru Member

    Sorry cylent. I can't help you much now as I am no networking expert. I will try to find some time this weekend to test out connecting my WAP54G as a client to a DWL-2100AP. From my experience on using WAP54G, it work great as an AP but terrible as a client.

    I will be trying my luck next week to return my WAP54G V3 to the local distributor citing problem with security on client mode. I already have these 2 units for about 2 months and hopefully they allow me to exchange for something or at least the V2 of WAP54G.
  12. Kulai

    Kulai Network Guru Member

    Hi cylent,

    I tested using the WAP54G as client connecting to D-Link DWL-2100AP acting as an AP without problem. The DWL-2100AP was connected directly with Ethernet cable to my old Linksys BEFW11S4, which is my Internet router. In fact I am using this connection to send this reply.

    As I don't know what is the config you might have for the DWL-2100AP, I just used all default values. The only thing changed was the IP address of the DWL-2100AP, changed from to 192.168.1.x, to be the same subnet as the WAP54G.

    The WAP54G also used all default values. Defined it as AP CLient and coded the MAC of the DWL-2100AP. As my BEFW11S4 is the DHCP Server, my PC was defined to obtain IP automatically to grab an IP from the DHCP Server.

    Some of these default setting of the DWL-2100AP are:
    No wireless encryption
    default channel 6
    Firmware version v2.10EU
    Super G Mode disabled
    DHCP Server disabled

    My WAP54G firmware is 3.05

    Hope these help.
  13. vmaxdragon

    vmaxdragon Network Guru Member

    hi kulai,

    i know i'm late. but i wish to tell you, what i figured out with my WAP54G.
    if i try to set the security settings i get the same as you. the configuration is set back to no security if i safe the settings in basic setup.
    if i chose the button "sitesurvey" on the AP Mode tab and chose the router whitch is shown in the popup window, than i can set the security settings and it will be saved.

    my problem is that i don't get a connection anyway.
    the mac near AP Client Mode is blue for seconds after i set the security in sitesurvey, then it's color change to red.

    do anyone know, if work WAP54G (fw 2.08) in AP Client with a WRT54G (fw DD-WRT v23SP1)?

  14. Kulai

    Kulai Network Guru Member

    I got around with the security setup problem with my WAP54G V3. The AP Client need to be able to see the AP before it is allowed to save the security setup. So I must broadcast my AP SSID. After the security has been defined and saved, the AP SSID broadcast can be disabled.
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