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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by hankie123, Nov 7, 2006.

  1. hankie123

    hankie123 LI Guru Member

    i just got the wrt300n v2 router with firmware 2.00.14 and everything is working fine except 1 thing.

    im using 2 desktops[both winxp sp2} and a xbox360{wireless}behind the router.

    firmware is running in default mode except ap isolation is enabled,and i think this causes my xbox360 not to see my desktop pc with windows media connect.

    so i thought i disable ap isolation en then it will be fixed.
    but when i disable ap isolation my other desktop and xbox360 cant use the internet anymore, but they are shown on the router firmware dhcp server.

    so my problem is when i disable ap isolation my other desktopand xbox are unable to join the internet.

    any solutions?

    thanx hankie123
  2. hankie123

    hankie123 LI Guru Member


    when i disable ap isolation i only can connect to the internet whith my own pc ,and not the other desktop pc and xbox360.

    they both show up in the router but thats where the fun stops and dont get a ip adres.
  3. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    Well AP Isolation as far as i understand it is to keep wireless devices from seeing each other. As long as its not a firewall on your xp machine not letting the traffic in then i would venture to guess that its the firmware and hopefully it will be addressed sooner rather then later.
  4. hankie123

    hankie123 LI Guru Member

    well it cant be the firewall because i disabled them both {winxp and the linksys firewall}

    i do think it has to be the firmware ,because when i disable ap isolation i dont get ip adres anymore with 1 desktop pc and xbox but i do get ip adress with my own pc, very strange.

    i dont know what to do next.
    maybe call tech support.

    thnx anyway
  5. hankie123

    hankie123 LI Guru Member

    well it seemed to be an firmware issue ,i got a firmware update from linksys {2.00.17} and my problem is now fixed.

    everything is ok,even hd movies streaming runs good ,much better than my old netgear 108mbs router who had much hickups and disconnects.
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