Apache/php/MySQL on NSLU2.

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by itxweather, Dec 2, 2005.

  1. itxweather

    itxweather Network Guru Member


    Can anyone advise whether or not it's possible to install Apache, php and MySQL onto an NSLU2 so that it can be run as a web-server?. I've logged onto nslu2-linux.org but really don't know where to start and do not want to render my NSLU2 useless by a failed flash :-(.

    Any comments would be appreciated. I'm a Linux newbie so please be kind.

    Thank you.
    Best Regards.
  2. PedrosPad

    PedrosPad Network Guru Member

    Yes you can. This configuration is known as a LAMP server.

    I followed the tutorials @ nslu2-linux.org and got it running from a 256MB USBKey in a few days - a completely solid-state LAMP server! :thumb: (I'm also a Linux noob).
  3. hybridcrx

    hybridcrx Network Guru Member

    I myself need to setup a small web server. But i really know nothing about hosting files or setting up HTTP. which is why i want to experiment with the slug

    How well do you think this little unit could handle a few people connecting every now and then and downloading some MP3s and such. any advice you could give me would be great.
  4. ajnodine

    ajnodine Network Guru Member

    Slow.....do a search here, but I'm pretty sure there are some links to 3 web sites that are running off a nslu2

    why not just use the ftp built in?
  5. hybridcrx

    hybridcrx Network Guru Member

    I would, but the game server (CS:S) wont allow FTP file transfers. It has to be HTTP.
  6. hybridcrx

    hybridcrx Network Guru Member

    hey guys, i just have a quick question about apache 2.

    im attempting to install it to run a small HTTP server for our game files for CS:S. My question is, can i install it without registering a domain name?

    when i first attempt to install apache, it asks for a network domain, and a server name. How do i set this up only using an ip address, if possible
  7. hybridcrx

    hybridcrx Network Guru Member

    Thx but i was able to figure it out. I simply took the DNS address that my ISP gives me and entered that into the Domain dns field. then i took my own IP address and entered that into the server name field.
  8. gelan

    gelan Network Guru Member

    Which tutorials are you referring to? I can't find anything on there that specifically references all 3 aspects of a LAMP server.

    I'm fairly familiar with linux(it's been my main OS for about 6 months now) but I'm not so good with apache, sql or PHP. But I know I need those things to support the site I want to host.
  9. PedrosPad

    PedrosPad Network Guru Member

    From http://www.nslu2-linux.org/
    Looks like they lost some content too, as I can't find the article either. IIRC it was the Optware Apache package page, but it isn't that helpful now :cry: . I may have simply followed the package pages and installed manually, but I don't recall doing that.
  10. gelan

    gelan Network Guru Member

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