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    Hi All,

    Just tried out the new Apple Configurator on an AppleTV. Got it to work. :cool:

    Had few problems with some clients who had Tomato and could not connect! :confused:

    Here's how:

    1. When creating a profile make sure that the cert under the trust tab of the wireless profile is checked.
    Double check after saving the profile to make sure that the change has been retained.
    I've found that it sometimes unchecks inexplicably.
    2. After loading the profile on the AppleTV, do not unplug the power on the AppleTV.
    Connect it back to the HDMI port.
    3. Before attempting to connect to your 802.1x secured network, you must connect to an open network that has internet access.
    You must do this so that your AppleTV is able to set the date and time.
    4. Connect to your 802.1x secured network.
    5. Performing a restart from the menu system should not affect this, but a full power off will reset the
    date/time of the AppleTV and it will not re-auth upon power up.

    A workaround that I have also found is this:
    In the configuration profile,
    I first added in our open network profile,
    and then secondly added in our secured network profile
    so that there is both a open and secured network represented in the profile.

    After having been connected to the secured network, power off the AppleTV.

    On power on, it will try and reconnect to the secured network, fail,
    and then fail over to the open network, and get out to the internet.

    You then will have to manually select the secured network again. (Much like a VCR resetting after a power outage)

    Hopes this helps follow Tomato users... :)

    Happy Airplaying!

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