Apple plus Linksys wrt54g = slow wlan transfer

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by allexsimmons, Jun 16, 2005.

  1. allexsimmons

    allexsimmons Network Guru Member

    With my apple powermac g5 and powerbook i get very slow wlan transfer speeds, usually topping out at 1.3 mbps. I know i should be getting better speeds than that. Both have full signals.
    Just a little more info on the router:
    WPA Share Key ( I know this should slow it don a little)
    3rd party firmware sveasoft alchemy 1.0
    I believe that the router is version 1.0

    Could someone give me some help on why the speeds are so slow.

    I have used serval different 3rd party firmware but all of them have the same limit of 1.3mbps for file transfers between computers.

    I posted this in to different groups because I didnt know if the firmware was the problem or the router it self.
  2. allexsimmons

    allexsimmons Network Guru Member

    any help?
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