Are PPPoE and PPPoA the same thing? (tricky question)

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by joseangel, Aug 9, 2005.

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    The answer does not come that easy, please, read on to know exactly what I am asking.

    I think know what PPPoA is. It just an ATM frame format that contains a simple plain PPP message (control or data messages does not matter).

    In fact, that simple encaposulation tranlates into a very simple scenario for PPPoA:

    DSL--------------DSL | STM-1-----------STM-1

    I also know a bit about PPPoE but I am not so sure. I think it is a negotiation protocol between WRT54G and ADSL2MUE that lets WRT54G find ADSL2MUE plus an encapsulation of PPP over ethernet.

    My guess is that it translates into a not so simple scenario:

    L2: PPP ------------------------------------------------------- PPP
    L2: Ethernet -------- Eth | ATM ------------------------------- ATM
    L1: Ethernet -------- Eth | DSL -------- DSL | STM-1 --------- STM-1
    WRT54G --------------- ADS2MUE ------------ DSLAM -------- Concentrator

    This PPPoE schematic is my best guess but , is it correct? I mean:

    PPPoE just specifies the encapsulation and negotiation between WRT54G and ADSL2MUE? If so, then ADSL2MUE translates from PPPoE into PPPoA, am I rigth? Also, if it is so, then any PPPoA connection (like the one with WAG54G) can be turned into PPPoE just by using a PPPoE/PPPoA converter like any Eth/ADSL modem would do.

    Could you please tell me what am I doing wrong with this line of thinking?

    Because if I am not wrong, a modem would need to implement PPPoE gateway, PPPoA client, translation betwen those two and RFC1483 modes to be a all-in-one modem. On the other hand, any router with an ethernet interface would only need to be able to become PPPoE client (only when needed) to be a perfect match for the perfect ADSL modem.

    Am I wrong? Please, tell me where I am wrong because I can feel I am wrong but I can not find out why (and that's getting me nuts). :cry: It cannot believe that a modem has to be far more complex than the router.
  2. joseangel

    joseangel Network Guru Member

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