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Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by bramfrank, Jan 17, 2005.

  1. bramfrank

    bramfrank Network Guru Member

    I appear to be a glutton for punishment.

    I have the WRT54GS and had previously installed and had the Satory 4.0 firmware up and running as a client to one of the APs in my home. But I was seduced to try RC5 because I wanted the higher power and the survey feature.

    Loaded the code in the box. Reset the box. Reentered all the information. Didn't work.

    The AP sees the traffic from the Satory box - the Satory box 'seems' to see the data from the AP, but no data comes out of either end . . .

    OK, says I - I'll just downgrade back to Satory 4.0 . . . do the firmware, reset the box and load the parameters . . . . same effect.

    Says I - perhaps the radio died when I set the power to 251 milliwatts? So I reflashed with the factory firmware - and it works fine with THAT so the radio certainly works fine.

    I am hoping for suggestions that will help me resolve the roadblock.

    Thanks to any and all in advance.
  2. hidden

    hidden Network Guru Member

    omg 251mw ??? your trying to conect whit the northpole or some thing ?

    but press the reset button on the ap for 30 sec it will reset to 28mw
    hopefull you diden't burned your ap.
  3. bramfrank

    bramfrank Network Guru Member

    Appreciate the comment, but I offer 2 points:

    1. 250 milliwatts isn't much power. When all is said and done it is 10 dB more than the basic power settings, which ought to allow the reliable distance just about double - all else being equal. It was there, what can I say?

    Install a button, and people will press it.

    2. Nope, didn't burn it up, because the unit works just fine with factory firmware.

    Obviously still looking for suggestions as to why with either the Satriy or the Alchemy firmware it no longer likes to speak with any of my access points . . .
  4. JoJo

    JoJo Network Guru Member

    FYI: increasing output by 3db doubles the transmit power. Do the math, that is relatively a lot of power.

    And output power isn't a cure-all. It doesn't do any good to pump up the output power if the input sensitivity isn't also increased. What you end up with is an "alligator": all teeth, no ears. You can fry the paint of of the house down the block, but if your router can't hear the remote client, it won't you any good to output that much power.

    And pumping up the power adds distortion and *noise* that other wireless users see as interference. If you're pumping out 250mw on ch. 6, you're likely walking all over signals using adjacent channels. That's just the nature of radio.

    Please use output power responsibly. If you're tempted to use the max power, decrease it, a few db at a time, and see if your data rate drops. Use the minimum you need to accomplish your goal.
  5. bramfrank

    bramfrank Network Guru Member

    Agreed. 3dB doubles the power, but it requires 10 dB to double the range, since free space attenuation is exponential in nature. If 'normal range' is 300 feet, then running at 250 mw will extend that range to *maybe* 600 feet on a good day, with the wind blowing from the rear.

    Given that I live in a private home and the nearest neighbour is a couple of hundred feet from me, I seriously doubt that anyone is getting swamped by anything from the cranked access point, which, if you read my post hasn't been cranked for some time now.

    As to frying paint - good god man, this is 250 mw at 2.4 GHz - do the math. Compare it with FRS (500 milliwatts at 450 MHz) and you get a whole 300 metres of reliable range on those frequencies. At 2.4 GHz, the path loss is 25 times as high and the power is half. How far were you expecting that to go?

    Note that as a client, the device doesn't actually send anything unless it has been given some data to send. So it isn't as if the unit is constantly sending out continuous streaMS at high power.

    Notwitstanding the fact that I cranked the power up, I did say I reset is and STILL can't run the darned thing in client mode, which was the point of the post in the first place.

    Does Alchemy have the same "'can't use WEP in client mode" that Satori did? I haven't cleared the WEP on any of my 3 APs to try and signal from my neighbour isn't particularly strong, so I couldn't reliably connect to him unless I took the unit upstairs to a window. I don't want to do that.
  6. JoJo

    JoJo Network Guru Member

    To help those microwaves along :)

    Artist's license. :)

    OK, I didn't know your level of expertise, but you do seem to be aware of the consequences. I like to presume less rather than more expertise when responding to posts, even if that might ruffle some feathers. It helps inform those lurkers who didn't know about adjacent-channel interference, and think that 250mW is there just like a volume control, to use whenever one wants.

    I can select WEP security (Wireless > Security > Security Mode) in my client-configured WRT54G with Alchemy V1.0 f/w. I didn't actually *implement* it (save settings), though, but all settings within seem available. I'll leave that exercise "to the student".
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