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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by wrt4ever, Nov 21, 2010.

  1. wrt4ever

    wrt4ever Networkin' Nut Member

    Regards to all forum users,

    I must that that I found this forum few weeks ago and its very helpfull and informational. I am happy owner of WRT54GL with Tomato Firmware v1.28.7616 -Toastman ND Std. My ISP connection is trought cable modem 3.89Mbps download and 0,24 Mbps upload and it is stable all times.

    Since last month i have subscribed to Voip SIP phone to cut down telcom costs. Phone is linksys Sipura SPa921 and it works great over this connection, but...

    It looks like that I will have to make some kind of QoS to prioritise phone traffic over other traffic. Most of the time i use internet for torrents, http and other aplications (like msn, youtube, http and ftp download). When torrent is on other tasks like SIP phone, web browsing etc...are really slow and phone is unusable.

    My goal is to use 100% bandwith when SIP phone or HTTP is not in use, but when i make phone calls or surf the web to trottle down torrent trafic or any other trafic to prioritise SIP phone. But finaly when i hang up again to utilise bandwith for torrent.

    Can somebody help me to make optimal configuration for this becouse i am not good with network, qos, and ports. I red whole posts regarding QoS but really did not find optimal solution for me and it looks like i made things even worse. For not QoS is disabled on WRT router and I am turning on/off torrents when I need to use SIP phone.

    I hope WRT-Tomato gurus will help me to achieve this.

    Other informations:

    1) Cable modem (cisco docsys 3.0)
    2) Speeds ISP 4 Mbit/256, speedtest speeds: 3.89Mbps/0,24 Mbps
    3) Tomato Firmware v1.28.7616 -Toastman ND Std (Upnp enabled), all other settings on default
    4) 1 Wired client FreeNAS with Transsmision (torrent)
    5) 3 wireless clients (two laptops and one Iphone) mostly for webbrowsing, facebook, youtobe, webmails....etc.
    6) Wired SIP phone Linksys SPA-921

    Thank you in advance
  2. robst3r

    robst3r Addicted to LI Member

    Hi there,

    I had similar issues setting up QoS, and found that regardless of what settings i used, torrents and normal http downloads ate up the bandwidth and made PS3 gaming (in my case) very laggy with high ping times. I have spent countless hours trying different QoS setups and recommendations with little gain.

    I have managed to get around this now by using Vicktec's latest RAF firmware based on Tomato 1.28, which includes an IP/MAC Bandwidth limiter, and it works flawlessly for me.

    I have QoS set up as per Toastman's recommendations in this thread

    I then used the bandwidth limiter function to specify my devices (in my case a MAC and PS3). Allocated a set download/upload rate for both clients, and the full line speed for the ceiling rates. Setting the ceiling rate at full speed will allow the extra bandwidth to be utilised when a listed device is not using it. I then set my PS3 at high priority so that i know that regardless of what i am downloading on my MAC, the PS3 will always have a bandwidth allocation assigned to it when in use.

    QoS is also enabed to manage other traffic on any other connected devices

    Since i have done this, i have no issues with lag and my network runs very smoothly. If you did something similar for your phone it may help your issues.


  3. wrt4ever

    wrt4ever Networkin' Nut Member

    Thank you for informations, I will try this for sure, but really would prefer clean QoS if possible...
  4. wrt4ever

    wrt4ever Networkin' Nut Member

    Link that you post is not working :(. I am playing with bandwidth limiter, that would be great but problem is that i have make rules for 4 devices and SIP device is with higest priority. Also I have setup ceiling rate at maximum so when phone is not in use PC can use full bandwith. But problem is that Pc never hit ceiling rate is stays on first valune. My setup is:
    Download bandwith: 4000
    Uploda bandwith: 256

    10) IP of sip phone - DL rate 3000 Dl Ceil 4000 Ul rate 200 Ul Ceil :250 priority HIGH ...
    11) IP adress of PC - dl rate 1000 dl ceil 4000 ul rate 100 ul ceil: 250 priority NORMAL.

    But as I say before PC never goes over 1000 even if u unplug SIP phone from network :(

    Any help?
  5. wrt4ever

    wrt4ever Networkin' Nut Member

    So Anyone? Or This just do not work?
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