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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by JusGoodFun, Mar 2, 2005.

  1. JusGoodFun

    JusGoodFun Network Guru Member


    Excuse any ignorance here but just got my Linksys WAP54G-UK and would like to setup a bridge with a second.

    While reading some previous posts you guys mention Hardware Versions 1.x and 2.x etc.... where do I find this on my box?

    I have already upgraded to the latest Linksys V2.8 Firmware... does anyone know of any problems with changing this to a version I can get here and what version would be recommended.

    I also notice there does seem to be a distinction between European and I guess US versions as far as Linksys are concerned... should I be concerned with this re. versions from this site.

    I also notice in the Bridge setup option it give four large text fields for you to enter the MAC Address. Looks like silly formatting, as the MAC is Noted in Six Hex Codes. Any clues as to how the MAC address should be eneterd.

    Any advice on any of these would be much appreciated... I love tinkering with non conventional things so I hope I get a reply before my curiosity makes me blow things up

  2. howardp6

    howardp6 Network Guru Member

    Look at the label on the bottom of the WAP54G. If it lists the model as WAP54G V2, you have version 2. I the WAP54G UK model allows thirteen channels whereas the WPA54G US only allows eleven channels. I am using firmware version 2.08.8, which has some fixes, it lists improved performance with the WRE54G and WPA-PSK in repeater mode. WPA-PSK works in bridge mode also, but is not listed in the description of firmware revisions. I do not know, why there are four MAC addresses in bridge mode. I only have a WRT54G that I want to bridge to so I only use the MAC address of the wireless part of my WRT54G in the first box. Maybe someone else can enlighten you, why there are four MAC addresses in bridge mode.
  3. peterbye

    peterbye Guest

    How does the position of the reset button relate to the version? I have a fairly recent WAP54G, supplied with firmware 2.08, that has the reset button next to the ethernet port. I understand that other ones have it next to one of the aerials. I would assume this to be a V2, but it doesn't say V2 underneath (It's a UK model BTW).
    This model cannot be used with current sveasoft Freya firmware, I tried it last night, it suffers from the dead wired port problem. You can still access it by wireless after flashing, using the web or telnet interface, but the routing table contains no routes to the eth ports. Had to flash it back to standard Linksys 2.08.
  4. JusGoodFun

    JusGoodFun Network Guru Member

    Thanks Guys,

    Well, thats the wirless bridge up and running fine using v.208.
    Over 100 meters with line of site between 2 buildings I managed to achieve some remarkably good performance too.

    Sadly one thing lacking in the Linksys is a Signal strength meter or indicator of any kind... Shame because it would be nice to know how good the connection really is as I do seem to suffer the occasional lock up. I'm not sure if this is the unit playing up or a dropped link.

    This is easily fixed by forcing the Linksys to reset by saving its settings again, but a pain in the ass cause ur not always going to be there to do that.

    Is there some kind of command line or URL I could call which could tell it to reset, idea being I'll write a quick app to ping the opposite unit and as soon as the ping fails I would issue a reset command to the gateway.

    I'll make this question a new post and see what feedback is available.

    Thanks again
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