Asus RT-AC87U bricked, pls assist any Guru

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    I apologize Lynksys users, but on Asus specific sites did not give me any working recommendations.
    Please assist me any Guru to recover my router. Finaly after one month I received USB-UART cable. After all preparations I'm able via Putty connect by serial port to router.
    If i press quickly ctrl-c able to enter cfe comman line or later if press enter to console command line. But how to recovery, what commands use for recover. I has read a lot of on openwrt and ddwrt forum but nothing assist me. .Please really need to recover, assist somebody. Unable to ping device from windows cmd. Before I'm trying firmware from openwrt and after come back to Asus-merlin firmware by using Asus restoration utility, process was successful,but after rebooting router bricked. Awaiting any info!!!

    CFE version (r456083) based on BBP 1.0.37 for BCM947XX (32bit,SP,)

    uart0 NS16550 UART at 0x18000300
    uart1 NS16550 UART at 0x18000400
    nflash0 AMD NAND flash size 131072KB
    nflash0.boot AMD NAND flash offset 0 size 512KB
    nflash0.nvram AMD NAND flash offset 80000 size 1536KB
    nflash0.trx AMD NAND flash offset 200000 size 1KB
    nflash0.os AMD NAND flash offset 20001C size 129024KB
    nflash1.boot AMD NAND flash offset 0 size 512KB
    nflash1.nvram AMD NAND flash offset 80000 size 1536KB
    nflash1.trx AMD NAND flash offset 200000 size 129024KB
    eth0 Broadcom BCM47XX 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet Controller

    cfe serial console available commands: nvram, reboot, flash, batch, go, boot, load, save, ping, arp, ifconfig, show, help

    If will needs any additional info, pls tell me!
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