Asus RT-N16 as secondary router to E1200, both with DHCP?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by baldrick, Dec 3, 2012.

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    I helped a friend set up some security cameras last year. At that time she didn't have internet at home, but using the router she could look at all her cameras using a laptop or desktop. She just got internet installed couple weeks ago and whoever did it, sold her another router she didn't need and wired everything as on picture. I was pissed when I learned about it but it was too late.

    Linksys has stock firmware (looks like it isn't supported by Tomato) and Asus runs on Tomato USB.

    Must have's:
    1. Asus has to sit where it is (against the window, looking right at 5 out of 6 cameras). It's signal is boosted too. So I can't just swap routers.
    2. Remaining 1 camera could potentially work off the Linksys router, which is in the basement (but half the distance vs Asus)
    3. Wireless cameras must be have static IPs designated so she can use free DNS service and watch the video from her smart phone or other computer.

    Without rewiring it, can I make it work? I tried LAN-LAN (not really what I needed) and LAN-WAN (fail), but obviously I am missing something as I am networking noob. Obviously Cat5 run from modem to Asus (making it primary router) would fix this problem, but it would be a huge PITA to do it.

    Is there a way to have DHCP running on both routers?
    Other ideas?
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