Asus RT-N66U Wireless Ethernet Bridge goes to "sleep"?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Siff, Jun 21, 2014.

  1. Siff

    Siff Serious Server Member

    Hi All,

    3 years ago I set up WRT310N as my primary router and WRT160N as Wireless Ethernet Bridge, both running the latest standard TomatoUSB from polarcloud (tomato-K26-1.28.9054MIPSR2-beta-Std.trx). This setup was running perfectly so far, but was getting old and I want to add additional features, so I decided to upgrade both routers to Asus RT-N66U. :)

    Both routers are revision B1 with 32MB flash (as reported by Tomato). I installed Shibby's Tomato build 119 (tomato-K26USB-1.28.RT-N5x-MIPSR2-119-AIO-64K.trx) on both and I set them up as follows:
    * Primary router:
    - static IP
    - DHCP enabled:
    - 2.4GHz enabled as AP, N only, 40Mhz, WEP2 Personal+AES
    - 5GHz enabled as AP (different SSID), N only, 40Mhz, WEP2 Personal+AES;
    - 1 static DHCP on

    * Secondary router:
    - DHCP disabled
    - 2.4Ghz disabled
    - 5GHz set to Wireless Ethernet Bridge, Auto, WEP2 Personal+AES (same SSID and password as the primary router)
    - DNS: (primary router's IP)
    - DHCP: (primary router's IP)
    - Gateway: (primary router's IP)
    - No static DHCPs

    I.e. the idea is to have the bridge over 5GHz and use the 2.4GHz for the wireless devices since most of them do not support 5Ghz.

    The setup is the same as I had before, except that the bridge is over 5Ghz.

    After I resolved some issues with my Windows network card (unrelated to the routers' setup), everything was running as expected and I was about to call it done, when, to my surprise, the connection to the secondary router disappeared!

    After some experimenting, it got even strange - it looks like the 5GHz radio on one or on both routers goes to sleep! I know that it sounds weird, but after some period of inactivity (looks like random period between 3 and 12 hours) the two routers disconnect, but after being pinged through the bridge for ~5 min., the connection is re-established and everything looks and works OK again. If I leave a client to ping a router through the bridge everything is running for more than 24 hours, i.e. it really looks that the bridge goes to sleep! :confused:

    BTW, I turned on my old secondary router (WRT 160N, moved to and it connected and established a bridge over 2.4GHz without issues. The 2.4Ghz bridge disappeared once, but I wasn't able to reproduce it, so I guess that I was trying to ping it though the 5GHz bridge which was already asleep at that time.

    So, I'm at a total loss right now how to resolve this issue! I guess that I'm missing something and I would appreciate your help!

    Thank you! :)
  2. Siff

    Siff Serious Server Member

    I upgraded the primary router to build 120 and the bridge got much more stable (it dropped 2 or 3 times for 3 days), so I upgraded the secondary router as well and now the bridge is not working at all! :(

    I'll revert the secondary router to build 119 with the hope that it will work at least as it did before, but I'm at a loss how to make this configuration work properly... :(

    [Edit]: I don't know whether this is important or not, but I checked the CFE of the routers and they both have CFE v. and 64KB NVRAM.
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  3. mmosoll

    mmosoll Networkin' Nut Member

    I am using TomatoRAF 1.28.9014 1.3f with e4200. In your primary router try to set the 5GHz AP Mode to Auto. My both routers are using WPA2 Personal with 40MHz channel width and bridge is very stable.

    note: Advanced/Wireless 5GHz are default settings but with beacon 50 and APSD enabled
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  4. Siff

    Siff Serious Server Member

    Thank you mmosoll,

    I updated both routers to build 120, but with the AC drivers and, for now, I haven't seen the bridge to drop even once, so I'm hoping that this had fixed it. I'm planning to run a script on the secondary router to ping the primary on regular intervals to check whether the bridge will drop.
  5. jbosque

    jbosque Network Newbie Member

    Hello Siff!

    I have been struggling with a similar issue for the last months. I have build 121 versions running and, connections seem pretty stable to me while I have it continuously working i.e. A computer with a wireless connection to the router. However, if I am using a phone (either Android or IOS), suddently I am experiencing this behavior.
  6. Siff

    Siff Serious Server Member

    Hi jbosque,

    After I upgraded the secondary router to build 120 I added a script which runs every 10 min. and pings the primary router. Since August (when I approximately put the script) I had only 3 occasions when the primary router wasn't ping-able and it was only 1 or 2 pings, so I think that it is stable now. I think that the difference was in the AC drivers.

    Now, if you are using a phone or any other wireless device to connect to the secondary router, then you have a different setup than I do (I'm running a Wireless Ethernet Bridge and therefore I have only wired clients connected to the secondary router); if you are also running a Wireless Ethernet Bridge and you have issues with the wireless clients then you probably have an issue with the primary router's settings.

    Hope this helps.
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